Thursday, January 27, 2011

SWUD: Day 1

The homework monster attacked me last night.

Which resulted in wearing sweatpants to school today. Let's pretend it didn't happen, ok?

Since I had a snack right before bed last night, I wasn't hungry when I woke up. Kept breakfast light with a yogurt bowl. (Blackberry yogurt, 1/2 banana, blueberries, chocolate granola, small handful of Puffins)

Hard to stop eating though, I had five granola bar clusters. UGH too full. (9/10)

But then ... hunger surprisingly struck by 10:30am, I guess this means I need a mid-morning snack for this semester. (Since I don't get a chance to eat lunch until 12:30 - 1:00. Ate the afternoon snack orange before lunch.

It just BARELY held me over until actual lunch. Fav sandwich combo: Whole wheat CHIA bread, turkey slices, spinach, and cranberry cream cheese.

Lunch was followed by a very stressful two hours of trying to finish my assignment. Good thing I didn't go into medicine like my parents wanted cause I'm too dumb for calculus. (I can still manage your portfolio though!) I was getting hungry again and since I already ate my orange, needed to find snack pronto.
Friend texted me a photo of a scone, it's a sign.

I walked 20min and halfway across campus for this blueberry baby. It looked suspiciously 'cake' like in the counter display but I braved it since it was the only scone available.

ARGH this isn't a scone!!!! IT'S A FREAKING TRIANGLE PIECE OF CAKE. I was angry. It ended up getting tossed out cause I sure ain't eating that.

So I went to the nearby religious college and they had this raspberry whole wheat scone. I was desperate, it had to do. This one wasn't very tasty (whole wheat flour tends to have that effect on baked goods) but at least it wasn't suffering from an identity crisis.

After my last class, I stopped by shoppers to pick up some snacks. I rarely keep 'junk food' in the house because I end up eating it all, but this isn't a long-term solution because eventually I will end up in a social situation with junk food and will be completely defenceless and end up eating everything in sight. (Pretty much what happened the entire winter break) I need to build up my resistance and co-exist with said foods.

Baby steps with relatively safe foods:

BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion Popchips: I'm not a salty snacker at all but these are surprisingly addictive. Each bag has two servings of 180cal each.

Mini chocolate chip button cookies: they're marketed as 'organic' and are individually packaged in 100cal packs

Double Chocolate Zone Bars: chocolate bars disguised as nutrition bars, at least they're portable

Gum: cause it was on sale

I also picked up ... a 6-pack of scones from COBS bakery! In my (quite informed) opinion, COBS has the best scones around. They're just the right size (300-330cal each) and are super crumbly. Now instead of walking around campus like a madwoman and wasting money, I can pre-plan my scone consumption.

In the bag: 2 raspberry white chocolate (my fav), 2 double chocolate (these aren't as sweet as they sound), 1 fruit, 1 cinnamon. 4 of them went straight to the freezer, and the other two are being stored in the fridge. I didn't eat them yet. Promise.

I have another assignment due tomorrow and I read the Harvard case study while on the stationary bike. Lesser of two evils ... 15 minutes went by pretty quickly! This could become a habit.

Since I had a late late afternoon snack, wasn't feeling at all hungry until 8:00pm. I had a weird craving for tuna waffles. (Sounds bizarre, but they're common in Taiwan and I've seen them on the menus of several Taiwanese cafes)

I made the tuna salad by combining 1/2can of tuna with a squirt of mayo and some tomato sauce. Added in a sprinkle of lemongrass and dill. Also mixed a giant handful of spinach with tomato sauce and nuked it in the microwave. The only waffles I had were blueberry ... odd taste combo for sure, but it satisfied the craving.

I think I waited too long to eat dinner because that waffle was gone in a flash. Dessert was completely necessary. Frozen grapes + a corner of the raspberry white chocolate scone. (Oh you know it was bound to happen)

Now all that food is expanding in my stomach and I'm too full. (9/10) I'll get better at this with practice.