Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nothing beats spending a lazy Sunday in bed after a long week of work! Breakfast this morning was late, at 8:30!

A recycled picture of my blueberry whole wheat pancakes, with the addition of chopped pecans today. I topped them with a bit of shredded coconut and margarine and found that with the added sweetness of coconut, there wasn't any need for syrup! Also had a big bowl of fruit with the pancakes. Breakfast calories: Pancakes (300) + Fruit (100) = (400)

Since breakfast was so late, my hunger cues were thrown off and didn't get hungry until 12:30. Was craving a smoothie so made a matcha-blackbean smoothie with plain non-fat yogurt, almond milk, waaaay too much guar gum (the smoothie turned out so thick we ended up having to eat them with spoons) and a ton of ice. There was also more fruit. Lunch(ish): Smoothie (200) + Fruit (50) = 250

Spending a whole day in bed means lots of snacks. Last night BF and I stopped at Safeway for ice cube trays and ended up picking up ice cream sandwiches. These little guys were surprisingly delicious and reminded me of the generic brand ice cream sandwiches I had as a kid! (The chocolate-ish coating just melts off on your fingers and makes a gooey delicious mess)

And in the style of an almost fruitarian, I had more fruit - cantaloupe topped with cottage cheese at around 4pm. Snack: Ice Cream Sandwich (100) + Fruit (80) = 180

Not too much thinking went into dinner. Last weekend BF made hash browns using sweet potatoes that were delicious and I tried to recreate it with the addition of chicken sausage and bacon. I also boiled some broccoli and spinach for some much needed greens.

My portion of dinner was around 280 calories. I also had a few sips of BF's smoothie and a couple of mini-wheats found their way into my mouth before I had the sense to brush my teeth. I'll count those bites as 100 calories.

Breakfast: 400
Lunch: 250
Snack: 180
Dinner: 280
Random: 100

Total: 1210

Not bad considering absolutely NO EXERCISE was done today! I'm planning on waking up at 6 again tomorrow to fit in a run before work so it's pretty much bedtime for me.

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