Sunday, August 29, 2010


I survived!

I woke up half an hour earlier yesterday to fit in a 25 minute jog before getting ready for the day. I knew that I would be eating out for dinner so the extra 200 calories burned really helped!

After my run I had a breakfast cookie made with chocolate protein powder and oats (no almond butter this time) and a cup of mixed fruit. Breakfast calories (400)

I love Clif bars for class - they're very chewy and crunchy so it's great for eating in the middle of a lecture. Normal granola bars attract too much attention and there's nothing as obnoxious as that girl who's munching away on crunchy granola and carrots during a lecture. Carrot cake is my favourite flavor so far!

I also had some cucumber slices + hummus when we breaked for lunch to try to meet my daily vegetable quota. Total Lunch (300)

At around 4 o'clock my hunger pangs struck and I ate 1/4 cantaloupe w/ cream cheese. (No picture because I forgot) After I got home I also had a plum. Total snack (150)

BF came over and in an effort to be healthy, we decided to walk to dinner. It took us around half an hour walking at a brisk pace to get there. We went to Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company since they supposedly have the best pizzas in all of Vancouver.

Started with a pitcher of sangria to share between us.

These glasses were huuuuge! They were served in Russell pint-sized glasses - most calorie-tracking websites have Sangrias at 160 per class but I would definitely count this as 200 at least. It doesn't help that I ended up having about 2 of these. 400 calories in drinks alone! :( YIKES.

We ordered a large half-and-half pizza! Half was spinach chicken and the other half was spicy sausage (of course they had much fancier names than these)

The pizza was loaded with toppings and really yummy. I love Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co because they provide their nutritional information online! I ate a slice of each kind and they ended up being 160cal each for a total of 320 for both. If only I didn't drink so much Sangria dinner would've been a huge success. Good thing we walked home! Total Dinner Calories : 720

Total for the day: 400 + 300 + 150 + 720 = 1570.
Exercise for the day: -200 + -200(walking) = -400
Net Caloric Intake : 1170!

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