Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Sleep Needed

10 pm is definitely too early of a bedtime for me! Woke up at 4:30am this morning and even though I convinced my brain to shut off until 5:30 it quickly became evident that I was fighting a losing battle. I resigned myself to the thought of a going on a longer run with the extra half hour, only to discover that it was raining outside. Not just the usual pussy drizzle that Vancouver is known for, but actual kick in the pants rain with lightning and thunder and whatnot.

Made a cup of tea and ate my routine bowl of cantaloupe/strawberries/cottage cheese mixture. Upon waking, you have about 30 minutes to get something in your system before your metabolism kicks in. Most modern diets stress the importance of eating breakfast for healthy weight loss but do not define what breakfast is. Just because it has eggs and bacon doesn't mean it's breakfast! To feel the full benefits of breakfast, remember to eat something within a half hour of rising. Even a glass of juice will do.

Had my usual breakfast cookie at 7am on the dot. Mon, a breakfast cookie is made using oatmeal and protein powder. I like to add in a lot of cinnamon and honey so it tastes like a real cookie! This morning I added too much honey though and it ended up being too sweet. :( Breakfast: Cookie (300) + Fruit (80) = (380)

I was really excited about today's lunch. I made tuna salad using a can of tuna mixed with a tbsp of miracle whip and added in boiled king oyster mushroom, asparagus, and broccoli chunks. I think it would've turned out great had I not decided to be creative and mix in Thai green curry paste with it. YUCK. It was so spicy that I couldn't finish the whole thing.

I had with it a serving of Kashi crackers. Those were delicious. :) Lunch: Tuna Salad (200) + Kashi (100) = (300)

Because lunch was small, I got hungry at 3. The miserable weather induced an unusual milk-and-cookies craving and I toasted a cranbran Vitatop in the office's toaster oven and heated a quarter of a cup of milk. Broke Vitatop into chunks and dipped in warm milk. Mmmm. Craving satisfied!

Since I thought I would be working from 5 - 8 like usual, I broke out my dinner at 4 o'clock. I didn't have high expectations of this flavor - toasted nuts n' cranberry - but the first bite completely took me by surprise! This could very well be the best granola bar I've ever had!!! I was so excited I got through most of it before remembering to take a picture.

Halfway through the bar I got a call from the boss saying that our gig was canceled because of the rain. While I was happy to have the night off, I was unhappy that I'd eaten dinner so early! Snack: Vitatop + milk (130) + Lunabar (170) = (300)

Breakfast: (380)
Lunch: (300)
Snack: (300)

And while wasting time this morning a couple of misc items found their way into my mouth. An extra (80) for those.

Total so far: 1060 and It's only 6 o'clock! :( This is a perfect example of why I really need to exercise in order to eat until I'm full. It's still raining outside and I have no intentions of stepping out the door until it stops. Maybe some jumping jacks in my room and a light dinner? We shall see ...

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