Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Numbers Game

Stomach wanted food at 6:30 and I happily obliged. Having almost met my daily calorie quota I knew I needed something light in calories but hefty in staying power. I was also craving something warm and sweet to combat the chilliness in my room. So many demands! What to eat?

Kabocha squash has definitely risen to the top of my most beloved vegetables list. It's a variety of winter squash similar to the butternut squash or acorn squash, but it has less calories than either of the former varieties. At 30 calories/cup, it's easily the sweetest tasting of the entire squash family, if you tried to breed a sweet potato with a pumpkin, I'd imagine the offspring to taste like a Kabocha. I (with the help of my landlord and her hammer) cracked the squash open in quarters and nuked one for 5 minutes. I love it because it is just so filling! (and tasty too, don't forget the tasty) 3-4 cups of Kabocha will keep my tummy happy for hours. I read somewhere that it's because the rind of the squash is full of fiber. (Yes I eat the rind, it softens in the microwave and provides a nice contrast to the buttery squash) I used a variety of condiments on top of the squash, cinnamon, coconut flakes, and the last one (as a treat) was smeared liberally with chocolate peanut butter. (I found it in the gourmet grocery store near my work and almost wept tears of joy, it makes nutella seem like post-K-Fed Britney)

Dinner: Kabocha w/ various condiments (160) + Blueberries eaten while rummaging through the fridge (40 - see! I don't cheat!!) = (200)

Total for the day: (1260)

After dinner I went for a 45 minute brisk walk while talking to my mom on the phone. Added to my 20 minutes of walking at lunch, that's a total of 250 calories burned!

Net Calories: (1260) - (250) = (1010)

What a great thing exercise is! Maybe I'll have some mango before bed ... :)

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