Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Apple Pecan Pie Pancakes

Today I have the morning off from work so I went on a longer run - 30 minutes! By the time I got home, I was starving ... since my normal mornings have been standardized by cookie + fruit bowl, I wanted something that required a bit more prep time!

Hence, Apple Pecan Pie Pancakes!

Start off with a medium sized apple. I used a Braeburn because it's crunchy and not too dense.

Peel apple and chop into small pieces. Eat the core! :)

Butter pan (I used margarine) and cook apple chunks until they soften. In the meantime, assemble your other ingredients. I used 1/4 whole wheat pancake flour mix, 1/4 egg whites, 1/4 almond milk (or to taste), a liberal amount of cinnamon, and 10 chopped pecans.

When apples are done cooking, combine all the ingredients together and prepare as you would normal pancake batter! Just be sure to watch them as they cook since the apples stop the batter from bubbling, you'll have to guesstimate when they're done.

Enjoy! Recipe makes 3 pancakes. Batter (140) + Egg Whites (30) + Almond Milk (10) + Apple (100) + Pecans (70) + Margarine (50) = (400) I left out a third of the apple and pecan to add as toppings, and then I sprinkled more cinnamon on everything. Mmmm. No syrup needed!

Also had 3/4 cup of yogurt mixed with cottage cheese (80) and topped with fresh blueberries (40) and mango chunks (not counting the mango now because I'll count them with lunch) = (120)

Total Breakfast: Pancakes (400) + Yogurt (120) = (520)

Bigger than usual but since I'm running errands all morning, the extra food should give me some fuel! I have an amazing lunch planned too, can't wait for that!

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  1. That looks amazing and healthy. It's like apple pie in pancake form!