Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How many colors can you eat in one meal?

Made a trip to campus this morning to sell a textbook and ended up going grocery shopping. In total, I definitely got a good hour's walk in. Did you know that walking at a brisk pace burns almost as many calories as running? (Esp me since I am a slow runner ...) I definitely plan on doing as much walking as I can while the good weather lasts, it's so easy to fit into your day too!

In other exciting news, since I started this blog last week I have already lost a pound! This is the 3rd day in a row that my scale has told me so which means it's not just a change in fluid retention. I also weigh myself at the same time every morning after waking up and before drinking any water or eating any food. Hooray!!

For lunch, I took out various items from the produce bin. They look a little forlorn and confused apart.

But when you combine them, they become the most delicious monster salad!

In went half a medium avocado (140) + most of a chopped Haden mango (130 - ate some with my breakfast this morning, I used another mango for the picture) + half a carrot (10) + 1/4 of a cucumber (10) + 2 cups of spinach (10) + 1 large tomato (50) + crumbled pieces of blueberry goat's cheese (40) + 2 tbsp of lemon juice (10). Had it with a delicious mug of Pumpkin Spice Tea! Total Lunch: (400)

The trick is to eat this salad from side to side so you can experience multiple layers of flavor. The blueberry goat's cheese is very strong! You don't need to add any dressing to most of the salad but I used some lemon juice on the spinach leaves for a nice contrast to the sweetness of the mangoes. I knew that the tomato was an unnecessary addition and ended up eating the tomato pieces before the rest of the salad but they were getting old and I hate to waste produce! Usually I like to add orange bell pepper as well to get another vibrant color!

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