Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chocolate Evening

Had this Caramel Nut Brownie flavored Luna Bar at 2:30. I wasn't hungry but being bored at home always causes me to snack. The whole thing disappeared in a manner of minutes ... it was soooo good. Definitely for chocolate lovers. It tasted like a real brownie.

One chocolate craving leads to another, before I left for work I had a piece of toast with a teaspoon of chocolate peanut butter. It was the end of a loaf - I find they always toast extra crispy. Mmmm.

I also tried this liquid instant coffee extract. It smelled heavenly but had a sour taste to it. I prefer Starbucks Via instant coffee.

Total Snack Calories: Luna Bar (170) + Toast (150) = (320)

Work was really fun today but I became extremely hungry halfway through. Found a granola bar in my bag and had it on the bus ride home.

Dinner (not really): Kashi Bar (130)

Breakfast: (520)
Lunch: (400)
Snack: (320)
Dinner: (130)
Misc: (3 crackers, handful of blueberries, etc, etc) (100)

Total: (1470)

Exercise: 30min running (-260) + 1hr walking at a brisk pace (-200)

Total Net Caloric Intake: (1010)

That seems really low but I ate every time I felt hungry today and even times when I didn't ... not sure if I'm counting wrong but I will trust my satiety and call it a night. Tomorrow is going to be another long day since I'm working both jobs but after that is the start of a 4 day weekend! Oh I am looking forward to that breakfast cookie already. :)

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