Thursday, September 2, 2010

Same Old ...

Some good things just weren't meant to be tampered with! I made my usual breakfast cookie this morning (less honey, more coconut!) and decided to try a different fruit for a change. Well my orange spoiled that idea by being moldy on the inside!!! I've never seen a fruit grow mold from its center before ... ended up using cantaloupe as a last minute substitute and enjoyed my breakfast just as much. Breakfast: Cookie (350) + cantaloupe w cottage cheese (120) = (470)

Since my tuna salad from a few days ago was a complete inedible disaster, I tried a milder version with crab today! I used a can of crab meat mixed with half an avocado and a big tablespoon of miracle whip and chopped up 2/3 of a carrot and a stalk of celery. Tossed it all with a tsp of dill and oregano and am pleased to announce that it was light and refreshing! I've never had canned crab before and can't say I'm the biggest fan but this salad was delicious regardless. Had a serving of organic gluten-free rice crackers on the side. Lunch: Crab Salad (230) + Crackers (130) = (360)

Went on a walk at lunch to Whole Foods and had a sample of cheese. I'll count it as 40.

This is what I did not eat today.

My office kitchen always has some kind of edible poison available and today there were two kinds! Belgian truffles in the morning and this plate of pastries after lunch, everything was warm and smelt so good but I exercised great self restraint until my boss came by for a chat with a warm pecan brownie in hand.

I had no choice but to eat this.

A S'mores flavored Luna Bar that I was saving for later in the afternoon. I wasn't hungry, but it definitely satisfied my chocolate cravings. Later in the afternoon I attempted to eat another orange but the center was moldy!!! (I took it as a sign that we just weren't meant for each other) Luckily I always have options.

Snack: Luna Bar (180) + Plum (50) = (230)

Went to my last performance at the PNE, best one yet! Everyone seemed to really feel the music today and the time at work just flew by. On the way to work today I received a fiber granola bar as a sample, broke it out on the bus to try, it was sweet, chewy, and delicious. Best of all, it tasted like a real chocolate bar! After further inspection, I discovered that the reason was that it was made from the same ingredients as a real chocolate bar, fructose corn syrup was second on the ingredient list!! :(

Had some kabocha topped with chocolate peanut butter with some spiced pumpkin tea after I got home. Really hit the spot and now I'm feeling a bit drowsy and ready for bed. Today has been long, exhausting, but extremely rewarding. I have a surprise which will have to wait until tomorrow!

Dinner: Fiber bar (150) + Kabocha (170) = (320)

Breakfast: (470)
Lunch: (360)
Snack: (230)
Dinner: (320)
Random: (40)

Total Caloric Intake: (1420)

Exercise: 20min jog (-160) + 30min brisk walk (-100) = (-260)

Total Net Calories: (1160)

Since it's the last weekend before school starts, the BF and I made really exciting plans! After almost two weeks of working everyday at the PNE I still haven't had a chance to experience any of the events or rides so on Saturday we're spending the entire day at the PNE! Then on Sunday night we're catching the last Cirque du Soleil show playing in Vancouver and we are planning on doing the Grouse Grind Monday morning. I'm looking forward to a busy weekend and will be sure to take lots of photos. :)

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