Friday, September 3, 2010

Reasons to Celebrate

Ever since I started following food blogs, I have wanted to recreate certain recipes unique to the blog world! Well this morning I had enough reasons to celebrate and am happy to announce that I finally made OIAJ!

1. I have a new camera! While taking photos with my blackberry was discreet and convenient, I felt like it wasn't doing enough justice to my food. It's a Canon PowerShot SD1300, no DSLR but I've been told this is one of the best point-and-shoots out there!

2. It's my last day of summer vacation! Technically school doesn't start until next Tuesday but I'm not counting the weekend.

3. It's a gorgeous day out and I went on a 25minute run along the beach to watch the sunrise. (The tail end of it)

All these reasons prompted me to finally recreate OIAJ! The concept of OIAJ (Oats In A Jar) is putting freshly cooked oatmeal in an almost empty jar of nut butter so the hot oatmeal melts the nut butter in the bottom and on the sides. I love this idea because it doesn't waste any nut butter aaaand has a similar concept as a fruit-bottom yogurt! I just couldn't wait to reach the bottom of the jar.

That's how much almond butter was left in the jar. I deliberately didn't eat the last two spoonfuls so I could whip up a batch of OIAJ when the urge hit. I eyeballed it this morning as 2 tablespoons but when I ate it it seemed like far less so I will say it was 1.5 tablespoons (150). I made stove top oats using my usual oat mixture and added in half a frozen banana (50) and a tbsp of honey (60). I toasted some pecans in the microwave and sprinkled those on top. (50)

Breakfast was completed with a cup of blueberries (80) and a cup of pumpkin spice tea, my new favourite and a perfect transition into the fall. Breakfast: OIAJ (470) + Blueberries (80) = (550)

Happy Tracy polishing off her first OIAJ in her first jar of almond butter!

The last spoonful was the best! Look at that glob of AB! Mmmmm.

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  1. I'm glad you're loving your new camera my dearest! Have lots of fun playing around with the different settings and effects. :)