Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Close Call!

Good morning! It's dark and gloomy outside but I can't complain since the weather forecast predicted a storm and it's still dry right now. My run this morning seemed really short even though I covered the same distance that I normally do. Does this mean I'm getting faster? :)

I nearly ran into a skunk this morning! At first I saw a furry black shape in the middle of the sidewalk and I thought it was a cat, I even slowed down as I approached it so I could give its ears a scratch. When I saw it arch its back and back away from me I noticed its wide bushy tail and the thick white stripe down its back and I ran to the other side of the street like a madwoman. Luckily it didn't get me but boy was that ever a close call.

Picked up some carrot raisin muffins from Whole Foods this weekend and decided to have one for breakfast. They're 300 calories each, 10g fibre and 8g protein. Much better than your muffin from Timmy Ho's. On the side I had defrosted strawberries and blueberries and a quarter cup of cottage cheese topped with a tsp of blueberry preserves.

These berries were very tart and some of them were still frozen. I am completely out of fruit and vegetables which makes me very unhappy! :( I dug in to my batch of frozen berries (intended for smoothies) as a last resort and can't wait to go grocery shopping today to pick up some fresh produce. Since grocery stores don't open until 9am I'll have to wait until after school ... uggggh ... I crave fruit like a pregnant woman craves peanut butter ice cream.

Breakfast: Muffin (300) + Fruit (90) + Cottage Cheese (50) = (440)
Closeup of the muffin with thin strips of shredded carrot and plump juicy raisins. Mmm.

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