Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Socially Challenged

The Good

Even though I lugged my heavy duty umbrella on campus for nothing, I was really happy that it has not yet rained! I was finally able to make a trip to the grocery store and went a little veggie happy. (Also bought 4lb of strawberries!) I assembled this beauty of a salad for lunch.

In went three big handfuls of redleaf lettuce (10), a quarter of a cucumber (10), half of a large carrot (15), half of a small orange bell pepper (10), and Apple Cider Vinegar drizzled on top of all the veggies. Then I tossed in a chopped mango (130), some blueberry vanilla goat cheese crumbles (40), the last quarter cup of cottage cheese (50), and that brown blob on the side of the plate is Baba Ganoush (25) - an eggplant tahini spread that tastes fantastic with the carrots and cucumbers. Entire Salad: (290)

The Bad

I bought this Weider Daily Fitness Bar at a drugstore close to my office when it was on sale. The stats were incredible. Per 50g bar, 170 calories, 7g fibre and 16g protein with only 0.5g of fat. That blows Clif Bar stats out of the water! Well I finally tried it this morning on my way back from campus and it was disgusting! I'm pretty tolerant of the taste of protein powder but this bar just tasted like chalky protein powder. It also looks like a solidified stick of barf. I didn't want to eat anymore of it after the first bite but also didn't want to grocery shop on an empty stomach. I'd estimate I ate about 150cal worth, not sure what to do with the last bit. Throw it out? I'm so glad I only bought one.

The Socially Challenged

This morning was an orientation for graduating students in my faculty. It goes all day and involves a networking BBQ at noon. Upon arriving on campus, I already wished that I had gone to work. Seeing so many familiar faces and people who I haven't seen in more than 4 months was a little overwhelming. I felt a bit more at ease after running into some old friends but still made an excuse and left before lunch since I didn't want to get suckered into a couple of mid-afternoon beers at the campus pub. I guess I need a little more mental preparation before I'm ready to be in 'school mode' again.

This afternoon I'm planning on heading downtown and doing some shopping! Gotta take advantage of the last few precious days of Vancouver sunshine.

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