Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Material Girl

Took advantage of the lovely day and headed downtown to do some last minute pre-school shopping!

Peach Ginger Tea, Coconut Chai Tea (amazing!), pumpkin flax granola, and some almond rice crackers.

I also found the perfect pair of walking shoes from Adidas. Bought some colorful laces but decided I liked the plain white ones better. Maybe I'll swap them when the white ones get dirty.

Then because it was a deal too good to pass up, I picked up one of these beauties! I hate cooking meat which is one of the reasons why I hardly ever eat it, hopefully Mr.Foreman can help me out.

My most exciting purchase of the day is a toaster oven! I've been wanting one of these forever and finally took the plunge today! I'm really excited to try some of the recipes which have been eluding the ovenless such as myself.

Sadly, I wasn't very hungry when dinner rolled around and didn't get to try out the toaster oven tonight. I had to taste the granola I bought and it was surprisingly good so I think a few handfuls here and there led to a ruined appetite. (I'll count it as 100) I chopped up a carrot (30) and a third of a cucumber (10) and had it with a serving of Baba Ganoush and the remnants of my hummus (80). For a snack I had a serving of crackers (130) dipped in chocolate peanut butter (170). Dinner including snacks: (520)

Breakfast: (440)
Lunch: (460)
Dinner: (520)

Total Caloric Intake: (1420)

Exercise 20minute run (-170) + tentative after dinner walk for 45min (-150) = (-320)

Net Calories: (1120)

Time to break in those shoes before my first day of actual classes tomorrow!


  1. I love the shoes!! Your salad looks soo delicious. The mangoes in most of your salad looks friggin heavenly. Congrats on the toaster oven btw :P. I wonder what creations you will make with it?????

  2. PS your dinner looks like a snack

  3. Peach Ginger Tea sounds weird. The Coconut Chai Tea sounds really yummy though..