Monday, September 6, 2010

Eating from a jar

Happy Labour Day to all my fellow Canadians! Today is the last day off for most university students so I hope everyone has a relaxing day. I know I will since it's pouring out ... we were planning on doing the Grouse Grind today but a lazy day watching movies in bed is a pretty good plan B.

Breakfast yesterday was a fruit bowl with cottage cheese between layers of cantaloupe, mango and blueberries. I topped it with a cup of cereal. (bowl was too small for everything) Breakfast: Fruit (250) + Cottage Cheese (150) + Cereal (100) = (500)

Mango season is almost over! I'm going to be eating these everyday until I can't anymore ...

We made burritos for lunch with ground turkey instead of beef. Honestly after the salsa and cheese were mixed in with the meat I couldn't even tell the difference. The entire recipe used 350g of turkey (430) and a little less than 2 cups of salsa (160). I had a third of it with 1/4 of a cup of shredded cheese (50) on a gluten-free sprouted whole grain Ezekiel wrap (150). On the side was a spinach salad dressed with a tsp of Thai sesame dressing. (30) Lunch: Tortilla (390) + Salad (30) = (420)

We went to see the last Cirque du Soleil performance in Vancouver! It was amazing and they really are some of the best performing artists in the world. Since lunch was so late we opted to skip the pizza dinner we had planned for something lighter. Wine and cheese was the natural candidate, I like to think of it as pop and chips for grownups. :)

When trying to portion control it's very important to plan what you are going to eat before you eat it. I failed miserably at this last night and made the mistake of eating crackers straight out of the box instead of putting a couple of portions on a plate. An even bigger mistake was bringing the entire jar of dark chocolate dreams upstairs with me. YIKES. If I had to ballpark how many calories I ate for 'dinner' I would say, Crackers (200) + Chocolate Peanut Butter (250) + 1 large glass of wine (150) + Cheese (150) = (750) which is just ridiculous. I'm probably under-counting as well since the peanut butter jar seemed a lot lighter than 3tbsps this morning. :(

Total Caloric Intake: Breakfast (500) + Lunch (420) + Random bites of things (100) + Dinner (750) = (1770)
Exercise: 25minute run (-200) + 1hr walk (-200) = (-400)

Net Calories: (1370)

No more nut butter jars in bed, ever!

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