Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feels Like Home

UBC has been my home for the past three years, and even though I'm happy to be out of the university bubble and living in a house, I will always be grateful for the beauty of the campus!

In my first year I lived a few feet away from a lovely hidden Japanese garden. I used to love going there and sitting on bench with a good book (once in a while, a textbook) or to eat my lunch.

Upon seeing so many unfamiliar (and young!) faces in my faculty I was overcome by a sudden wave of nostalgia for my days as a freshman. Before my first class I took the liberty of catching a few rays of sunshine at the Nitobe Garden.

My classes today were all great! My finance course will be dry but very manageable (that's saying a lot for a 4th year finance course!) since I took an econ course last year with overlapping course material. The Real Estate Investment class seems fun, we have two profs who promised us a 45min midterm and final! Our big class assignment is to obtain financing for a condo in Vancouver using MLS and other websites which I use everyday at work! International Business is rumored to be easy and there's a group presentation involved which is always fun! It helps that I have a good friend in each of those classes which makes the learning environment a lot more comfortable.

Dinner tonight of course involved my new toaster oven. Spread some tomato sauce (30) on a mini corn tortilla (70) and topped with a king oyster mushroom (30), half an orange bell pepper(10), and two slices of swiss cheese(60)!

A couple weeks ago, the BF commented that the mushrooms looked like chicken when cooked! I definitely agree! I wished that the mushrooms really were chunks of chicken but this pizza was delicious nevertheless. The toaster gave the tortilla a nice and crispy texture similar to flatbread.

Because it's not a proper meal unless there's something sweet. I had a bowl of cantaloupe + cottage cheese. Buried underneath was a mango core! So delicious but definitely pushed me past the point of fullness. (80) Dinner: (280)

After an hour long walk in a successful effort to digest my dinner I was in the mood for dessert! These little coconut milk ice cream sandwiches I picked up from Whole Foods are the perfect portion size! Even though they're tiny, they're so rich and sweet that I was definitely satisfied by the 100 calorie portion.

Total Caloric Intake: Breakfast (420) + Lunch (410) + Snack (180) + Dinner (290) + Snack (100) + Random food that found its way into my mouth (50) = (1450)

Exercise: 20min run (-170) + 30min walk on campus (-100) + 1hr walk after dinner (-200) = (470)

Net Calories: (980) That seems low! I ate three huge meals today though with plenty of snacking ... oh the magic of exercise! :)

Tomorrow I'm working all day and then going out for dinner! I haven't eaten out in a while and have no idea where I'm going so I'm budgeting 500 calories for dinner and planning on eating a smaller lunch.

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