Thursday, September 9, 2010

All work, no pie

Can you believe it's been a week since my last breakfast cookie? This morning's was made with 1/2 oats, a full scoop of chocolate protein powder (instead of the normal half), a big dollop of honey, and several liberal shakes of cinnamon. I spread a little almond butter on top and sprinkled on some coconut flakes. Paired with a mango-cottage cheese cup and a pumpkin spice tea, this breakfast left me feeling so satisfied.

Since today was a work day I prepped my lunch last night. A mango + goat cheese + cottage cheese salad along with an AB + J english muffin. (which had been in the fridge for almost two weeks and was either going to go in my mouth or the garbage can today)

For an afternoon pick me up, I had a cup of ice wine tea with 3 squares of dark ginger chocolate. Scientists have determined that the optimal consumption of (dark) chocolate is 6.7g per day, or half a bar each week. I love this one because it tastes really yucky (too ginger-y) if you eat it too fast but really refreshing if you just take tiny Charlie Bucket bites.

Met a friend at my favourite restaurant for dinner! Aphrodite's is an restaurant that uses organic locally produced ingredients and is famous for their pies and gluten-free, vegan-friendly desserts!

The inside is very charming and has a rustic feel. There are cute little lamps on each table and its the perfect place to bring your health-conscious sweetie for a romantic night out. :)

I started with a tiny piece of bread with a drop of butter. (yuuum) Then I tried my friend's summer squash soup and mushroom quiche. (double yum!)

Neither were as good as my Apple Cheddar sandwich! This is hands down my favourite sandwich in the world. Slices of tangy apple and thick aged cheddar between two thick fluffy slices of multigrain bread smothered in hummus. There are few things I wouldn't do for this sandwich! It came with a side of garden greens with had shredded carrots, beets, and pumpkin seeds! The first time they brought out my salad they forgot that I asked for the dressing on the side but the waitress was very nice about it and offered me a new plate.

This sandwich was so big I could only manage to eat half. Needless to say I am really looking forward to lunch tomorrow. I'm going to try making my own version of this sandwich at home. Thankfully, I was far too full to even consider ordering pie even though the blackberry apple pie sounded delicious. Crisis averted!

Breakfast: (580)
Lunch: (470)
Snack: (50)
Dinner: (450) (estimate for half a sandwich, 200 for the bread, 150 for the cheese, 50 for the hummus, and 50 for the apple and salad)

Total Caloric Intake : (1550)

Exercise: 20min run (-150) + 1hr walk (-200) = (-350)

Net Calories: (1200)

Before I get started on my assignments for tomorrow I'm going to go for a walk, since dinner was so early there may be dessert in the future as well. :)


  1. Wow! You went out to eat and you didn't break your calorie bank :)! Proud of you! You do so much walking (1 hr) Where do you walk? Around Kits by yourself? I want to try a sandwich the apple in it.. next time I'm in town you need to take me to your *favourite* restaurant!

    I've never tried ginger chocolate. Sounds kind of strange! I really am craving a chocolate vitatop! Need to stop by safeway ;)

  2. Thanks! It's amazing how easy and fun walking is! :) I like it a lot better than running. At work I eat my lunch at my desk and then walk around downtown for 40 minutes. I also like to walk around kits after dinner, usually 40minutes - 1hr, it's a good time to call my parents and chat. I get a lot of walking down on campus too since my faculty is 10min away from the bus stop. Just make sure that you're walking faster than a comfortable pace or else it doesn't count.