Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hugh Jass Bowl of Happiness

Today's post is going to start with dinner.

Because it was hands down the greatest salad I have ever had.

First, let's back up and start with the body.
Threw in a couple handfuls of redleaf lettuce, half a chopped red pepper, half a chopped carrot, and a quarter of an english cucumber. Drizzled lightly with Apple Cider Vinegar.

Then I added about a dozen or so little dots of honey dijon mustard. The spiciness of the mustard gave the salad an unexpected kick and little bursts of flavor.

Next came the usual suspects, with a few little additions! Some crumbled blueberry goat's cheese, a quarter cup of cottage cheese, and a chopped manila mango. I also threw in a handful of blueberries and a tiny bit of blue cheese.

The goat's cheese, blue cheese, mustard, ACV, and mango all had such strong and distinct flavors (tangy, salty, spicy, sour, sweet) that every forkful was a flavor party in your mouth! No joke.

So good. I had to take a break halfway through this salad because that's how big it was. It took me about 40 minutes to get through it and I definitely did not pace myself. I can see myself eating this for dinner everyday for the next month and being perfect content!

Rewind all the way back to breakfast, where I made a pretty awesome bowl of PUMPKIN OATS. 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 small banana (half stirred in, half chunky), lots of cinnamon, and 1/2 cup canned pumpkin stirred in at the end. I topped with pumpkin granola, and a tsp of almond butter. I didn't need to add honey because the banana stirred in made the entire bowl just sweet enough.

It was orange! Perfect for fall and a hot cup of pumpkin spice tea.

Kept me full right up until lunch. I was at the library reading over my cases for this weekend when I took these photos. Got a couple of strange looks from the neighbouring students, but that's probably because they wanted to steal my lunch. A seafood salad, mango + cottage cheese, crackers, and some delicious H20!

I made the seafood salad using a little more than a cup of artificial crab, chopped up half a carrot and a quarter of a cucumber and mixed it all with 2tsp of miracle whip light and 1tsp of dijon mustard. The crab ended up looking sort of like pasta. This was really good and I'd definitely make it again.

The end of a tub of cottage cheese. Threw in a chopped mango and it was delicious.

For an afternoon snack I made a delicious bowl of cheesy pumpkin. Mixed a quarter cup cottage cheese with a quarter cup canned pumpkin. Add some cinnamon and honey for sweetness. Stir vigorously, and top with pumpkin granola! Yuuuum. Tastes like cheesy pumpkin pie.

And a plum. (because 4 servings of fruit in a day clearly wasn't enough)

Here's me at the halfway point of my salad!

Pre-breakfast snack (the other half of the larabar): (100)
Breakfast: (350)
Lunch: (420)
Snack: (250)
Dinner: (300)
Random bites: (100)

Total Caloric Intake: (1520)
Exercise: 25min run (-200) + 1hr walk (-200) = (-400)

Net Calories: (1120)

I did pretty good today on the whole no snacking thing! I blame the impromptu pre-run snack on the sillyhead who left the open Larabar on the table but it ended up ok because I had an awesome run! I had some cheese nibbles and wine sips when I got home which accounts for the random bites. Other than that, today was a day filled with mostly success and a whole lot of deliciousness.


  1. That's actually the craziest looking salad I've ever seen. Like it's bigger than the one we made when I was over at your place! (can't believe it took you over 40 minutes to eat it, and that there's 6 pics of it haha) What's your favourite kind of lettuce? Mine is romaine then spinach. Canned pumpkin.. looks tasty

  2. I like redleaf lettuce the best. Then spinach as well! Spinach is so tasty in salads, but washing it is a pain so I buy pre-cut and pre-washed. :( Expensive though ...