Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snack Attack!

This afternoon was just bizarre. I just couldn't stop snacking!!!

Pretty much immediately after I ate my sandwich I decided I wanted more. I tried to recreate the hummus/cheddar flavour by smearing some hummus on crackers and topping them with cheese.

Then while I was puttering around my room I almost without thinking opened a Coconut Cream LaraBar that had been sitting on top of my mini-fridge for a while and ate half of that.

Which led to the immediate banishment of all my Clif and Luna bars into this box. Out of sight, out of mind. (I have 48 bars ... and they are all mine!!!! My precious .....)

No I'm kidding. I'm not that crazy. I'm always happy to share. This afternoon I ventured to the Choices (a BC-based organic produce store) and was greeted by a sample of granola and french vanilla yogurt at the door. Can't say no to granola! Subsequently I bought a box of this Ginger granola stuff and had to sample it as soon as I got home. It's really good!

Since I pretty much spoiled my appetite by snacking the whole afternoon. I decided to try a recipe I had seen on Kath's blog. Kale chips are made by baking bite-sized kale leaves in the oven (or toaster oven) ... according to Kath, they taste just like really thin potato chips.

Whaaat? How can kale taste like potato chips?? I was skeptical too. But they turned out delicious! The leaves in the middle weren't baked for as long so they still tasted fibrous and kale-y. But the leaves around the edge of the baking pan turned perfectly crispy, and when topped with some seasoning salt ... really tasted like salt and pepper potato chips!

To round out the 'junk food that isn't really junk food' theme, I cracked open a can of Black Cherry Zevia that I picked up from whole foods to try. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea, because just like all other carbonated drinks, it made me feel super sick and bloated. I then decided to have a bowl of cereal for dessert.

Breakfast: (400)
Kombucha: (30)
Lunch: Sandwich (400) + Cantaloupe w c.c. (90) = (490)
Post-lunch snack 1: (150)
Post-lunch snack 2: (120)
Post-lunch snack 3: (170)
Dinner: (50)
Post-dinner snack: (130)
Other nibbles that I probably didn't account for: (100)

Total Caloric Intake: (are you ready?) (1640)
Exercise: 20min run (-150) + 90min walk (-300) = (-450)
Net Calories: (1190)

Although my net is under my goal. I definitely feel kinda poopy from eating strangely today. I'd like to blame it on my sickness this morning which threw me from my routine ... while snacking isn't the worst thing in the world, I just need to remember that eating between meals ruins my appetite for actual meals! I had a really yummy sweet potato soup + wrap combo planned tonight and didn't eat it because I ate too many handfuls of granola. Tomorrow I'm going to try my best to eat 3 square meals and limit myself to eating 2 snacks.

Also ... why am I still drinking this Zevia???? It's so tasty ... but it makes my tummy so angry ... :(

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  1. Kale chips! It's hard to believe it tastes just like potato chips..