Saturday, September 11, 2010

Iron Chef: Pizza Edition

After what seemed like weeks of anticipation, the BF and I finally had our build-your-own-pizza date! To spice things up a bit, we decided to have a competition to see whose pizza would reign supreme. Pizzas would be judged on presentation in addition to taste.

We both used pitas as the pizza dough and roasted pepper tomato sauce. On my pizza I had chopped tomato, onions, spinach, and chicken with 5 different types of cheese. Tex Mex around the edges, and crumbled blue cheese and havarti under the veggies.

BF's pizza looked a lot classier than mine. He had perfectly diced up cubes of yellow peppers, tomatoes, and chicken atop a bed of shredded spinach.

I thought I was a goner until he topped his pizza liberally with Tex Mex. It became a yellow cheesy blob.

My toaster oven could only fit one pita pizza at once so we watched the pizzas bake like little kids waiting for Santa Claus.

We baked mine first, it looked pretty good and tasted even better! I ate 3/5 of it.

Pizza number 2!

BF's pizza definitely looked authentic. It was really yummy too.

Here they are side by side. We both thought it was neat that our pizzas looked and tasted so different even though we basically used the same ingredients. He thought mine tasted better so I wasn't going to argue! :D

After dinner we went out to a house party where copious amounts of liquor may have been consumed. (Hey, I'm still a university student!) On the way home we made a pit stop at the 24hr McEvil and enjoyed some late night fare. Double Cheeseburger meal for him, mini Oreo McFlurry for me. For those reasons listed above I have no idea how many calories I consumed or even if I want to know! :) I did have a lot of fun though and know that one night of drinking and ice cream won't kill me as long as I am consciously eating healthy for the majority of the time. Since Pizza night was such a success, there may be a rematch in store sooner than later! (Tonight??)


  1. omg pita PIZZA = EXCELLENT IDEA! I actually made this before at Dannys with a tortilla wrap and it was one of the best tasting pizzas I've ever had. I like that you and boyfriend have fun things like build your own pizza date! :) Sounds soo fun. And like something I should try too!

    If you're drinking, counting calories really is a chore >_<... I'm gonna drink tonight AAAAAh:(

  2. Those pizzas look amazing! I went for Fresh Slice that night, doesn't even compare to what you made.