Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not a vacation

Back from my weekend retreat, I started out pretty faithful to healthy eats and trying to photograph everything but it became increasingly more difficult to do so as the weekend progressed. Not a complete representation of everything I ate (there were s'mores, and more cake, and chips, and nothing healthy) but here's what I managed to capture.

Started Friday morning with a bowl of strawberries and some overnight oats. (Raw oatmeal in milk left in the fridge overnight)

Enjoyed some coffee from McD's along with a nut butter sandwich for lunch!

1/2 almond butter.

1/2 chocolate PB.

The trip was a class retreat and we stayed in a mountain resort which provided us with meals, buffet style.

Filled 75% of my plate up with salad, two pieces of garlic toast and a scoopful of lasagna (meat) and cheesy pasta. (vegetarian)

And then I couldn't pass up dessert! A slice of black forest cake (yuuum) and 1/3 a slice of new york cheesecake.

A 5 hr case prep session with my group required fuel in the form of junk food. Lots of gummy candies, a chocolate chip cookie, and wine (instead of the beer pictured).

Breakfast Saturday morning was half a bagel with PB + J, and fruit topped with yogurt.

Roast beef and cheddar sandwich for lunch dipped in soup along with some pasta salad and raw veggies.

Dinner was more of the same as Friday night.

Sunday morning breakfast

And homebound!

While I certainly overdosed on junk food on this trip, it's nothing to cry over. The most important things in life are the relationships we form with other people and growth through personal experiences and there was plenty of that was accoplished this weekend. I feel that I've learnt more in the past 72 hours than I did in my entire previous year at School and am really looking forward to the personal growth I will experience in this class.

That being said, I feel like an entire week of healthy eating is in store and normal posts will be resumed tomorrow!

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  1. tracy, just becos of you, i am going to go out and buy some fruit.