Monday, September 20, 2010

An Announcement!

But first, today's eats!

Started off this morning with a bowl of apple-cinnamon oatmeal. (Half a peeled apple + 1/3 cup oats, lots of cinnamon, and a quarter cup of cottage cheese, toppings were almond butter and ginger granola)

Crunchy goodness in every bite.

Because there was no fruit in the house, I had to settle for some veggies.

Lunch was an apple-cheddar-hummus sandwich washed down by a coke zero. (gasp!!)

Dinner was 1/3 of a kabocha squash smeared with chocolate PB and AB.

Dessert #1.

Dessert #2. (Greek yogurt + mango + a chocolate wafer)

After some consideration, I'm going to go on the 3-day diet for an undetermined length of time starting tomorrow. My goal right now is to go Tues - Thurs and have Friday - Monday off. I haven't been feeling that great for the past week and I'm sure my diet has a lot to do with it. I've had constant migraines, exhaustion from lack of sleep, and mood swings. At first I wanted to do a 3-day water fast, but was dissuaded from that by a friend. I then considered going back to an 75% raw diet, but after what happened to my hair, nails, and teeth from last time (extreme protein and mineral deficiencies) I decided that that isn't a long term solution either.

The 3-day diet is commonly known as an calorie-restrictive fad diet. I had tried it last spring for the purpose of weight loss and it lead into a period of yo-yo dieting and binge cycles as a result of depriving myself of foods I liked. However, after further examination, it is actually a semi-fast which focuses on only a few calorically-dense foods. It emphasizes the importance of all three food groups. (carbs, protein, fats)

For example, Day 1 of 3 looks like this.

Breakfast: 1 slice toast with 1 tbsp of peanut butter (carbs/fat)
1/2 grapefruit (promotes digestion when eaten first thing in the morning)
black coffee or tea (caffeine is linked to helping digestion)
Lunch: 1/2 cup tuna (protein)
1 slice toast (carbs)
black coffee or tea
Dinner: 3oz lean meat (protein)
1 cup green beans (vitamin K/C)
1 cup carrot (vitamin A)
1 apple (fiber, lots of vitamins)
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream (fat, sugar)
black coffee or tea

8-10 glasses of water to be drank throughout the day.
Condiments allowed include: salt and pepper, cooking spray, herbs, spices, hot sauce, mustard (all zero calories)

What's interesting about this diet is that while each component is nutritionally dense, it is also calorically dense. Therefore you fill up on a relatively small portion which is contrary to most diets which suggest you fill up on calorically less dense foods to give yourself the illusion of being full.

For the most part I will be sticking to the prescribed meal plan. However, I'm substituting the vanilla ice cream with vanilla greek yogurt. Mostly because I don't have any vanilla ice cream but also because I enjoy yogurt more and it offers the same nutrients as the ice cream.

Many people claim that going on a low-cal diet will result in the body going into 'starvation mode' and storing more fat and that the actual weight lost will be water weight and not fat. (However, all reference medical articles and not actual scientific data.) I'm interested to test this theory because I recently purchased a scale which measures both my body fat percentage and water retention ratio to 0.1% accuracy. I will keep a daily log of my body fat percentage and water retention ratio and will share my results with you all.

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