Saturday, September 4, 2010


Our shoe shopping trip was semi-successful and we decided last minute to catch a movie before heading home for dinner. Can you believe that salad I had at lunch kept me full for 5 hours?! Maybe there were even residual effects from the OIAJ ... in any case I knew as soon as we sat down in the theater that I wouldn't last 2 hrs without a snack. The last time I ate in the movie theatre I had about 600calories worth of popcorn (that's not counting the butter ...) I was really happy to discover I had a Luna bar in my bag! I had half of the Lemonzest flavor, which I surprisingly loved. 4/5 of the Luna bar flavors I've tried have been home runs! Snack: (90)

Dinner was sirloin steak with some broccoli and peppers, even though it looks huge in the picture it was very thinly sliced so I would estimate that it was only 4oz of beef. The marinade was bottled Teriyaki marinade and garlic powder.

The blob on the right was a sweet potato which didn't want to cook properly in the microwave. I didn't eat it because it was inedible, but did eat everything else. The only thing I would change in the future is a little less marinade and cook the steak less because both of ours turned out very well-done.

And we did have some wine! The BF picked up a bottle of Merlot which we normally don't have but was such a treat. It had a lot of body and went well with the beef. I exercised great (and unprecedented) self-restraint and limited myself to only 1 glass. (The trick is to take tiny sips and put your glass down between sips)

No dinner is truly complete without dessert! Dinner: Steak w/marinade and veggies (350) + wine (130) + ice cream sandwich (100) = (580)

Breakfast: (550)
Lunch: (360)
Snack: (90)
Dinner: (580)

Total Caloric Intake: (1580)

Exercise: 25min run (-180) + 1hr walk (-200) = (-380)

Net Calories: (1200)

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