Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Assembly Required

Another early morning today. Maybe it's a sign that I should stop drinking tea right before bed! It was drizzling outside today but I knew I wanted to go on a run no matter what the weather was like, and I'm so glad I did! After my (forced) rest day yesterday, I felt light as a feather running this morning and covered a lot more distance than normal during my 25min run.

Breakfast was a bowl of cantaloupe/strawberries with shredded coconut on top, and my favourite oatmeal combo with a third cup oats, a banana, and a third cup of pumpkin granola!

I ate my fruit too fast because I really wanted to get to the oatmeal.

Even though breakfast left me so full, I was craving chocolate like mad. So I settled for two Mary's organic crackers dipped in dark chocolate peanut butter. That really hit the spot, but now I want to crawl back into the covers and nap. Settling for sipping on hot coconut chai tea, mmmm my favourite.

Lunch today is really fun. I packed a cup of pumpkin with vanilla greek yogurt and half a cup of pumpkin granola to sprinkle on top when I get to school. Also lots of carrot & cucumber sticks and the usual eggplant dip. I have a longer day today because in addition to my 3hrs of classes, I have a 2hr meeting with my case study group to prep for my class this weekend. (It's the first real class we're having and 50% of our marks come from class participation! YIKES!! I've been trying to speak up more than normal in my other classes to get more comfortable with public speaking, the difficulty is that I have to read my texts before class so I actually have something to say ... )

The lighting was miserable when I took this picture this morning, but now I need to run and get ready for school. See you guys later tonight!

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  1. greek yogurt? pumpkin granola? where do u get thiS interesting stuff?!?!?!