Sunday, September 12, 2010

When it rains ...

I get to sleep in because I can't risk getting a cold by running in the rain! :) Once in a while is a treat, but I'm really going to hate the three month periods of rain that seems to hit Vancouver every fall. Are there such things as jogging ponchos?

Breakfast number one today was a mango/strawberry salad topped with cottage cheese.

Breakfast number two was french toast ... two slices of sprouted grain bread soaked in egg whites topped with margarine, blueberry syrup and greek yogurt (which was gross and I ended up scraping it off to eat on its own).

Pouring rain + gloomy weather = lazy sunday watching movies in bed with crackers, cheddar, and apple slices.

A quick lunch was sweet potato hash browns with yellow peppers and mozzarella cheese. The BF made this and it was sooo good.

Dinner again featured sweet potatoes, this time microwaved with margarine and eaten as a side with some organic pasta shells in white cheddar sauce. Turkey bacon and spinach are also featured.

For dessert I tried a square of this dark chocolate bar infused with chili.

It was really interesting and had quite a kick! I love chocolates like this because its impossible to take more than nibbles.

Breakfast 1: (200)
Breakfast 2: (300)
Snack: (250)
Lunch: (150)
Dinner: (300)
Snack: (60)
Random bites: (100)

Total Caloric Intake: (1380)
Exercise: 45min walk (-150)
Net Calories: (1230)

Please no rain tomorrow! Need to get back on track with exercise after a lazy (but otherwise perfect) weekend!

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