Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I spent my Halloween weekend lounging around and eating all my favourite comfort foods. Definitely necessary because November is going to be a frantic flurry of schoolwork and I don't think I'll get a breather starting now until the second weekend of December. (when my exams end)

Some of this weekend's eats that I captured on camera.

A spinach three-cheese chicken pasta.

And a couple bottles of Merlot which led to a 10pm trip to McDonald's and Oreo McFlurries. Mine was the small, it was delicious but made my tummy hurt before bed.

Green Smoothie + Green Grapes for breakfast

I had quite a few of these over the weekend too - hot chocolate with lots of mini marshmallows.

Apple, Carrot, Hummus snack plate.

And a cheese plate for lunch. Brie cheese + Kashi crackers are a delicious combo!

Breakfast this morning was a banana, blueberries, and bran mess in the remains of a tub of greek yogurt.

A perfectly grilled grilled cheese (courtesy of the BF) with a side of grapes.

Dinner was nachos and cheese. Pure comfort food to recover from a night of some random craziness.

And speaking of random craziness, BF mixed half a 2L of Fresca with half a 2L of Nestea and this was the result!

Measuring different densities of liquids would be a good science project for high school. I wonder if artificial sweeteners are more buoyant than table sugar?

Obviously I didn't try to control what I ate this weekend. Just tried to go with my hunger and eat whatever sounded good but in moderation. Due to the fact that it is Halloween and candies & chocolates are plentiful I did have more than a few sweet treats but other than that I feel pretty good about this weekend. Of course, when it comes to Weigh-in Wednesday the scale may tell me a different tale but I guess we'll just have to see!

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