Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still here!

I seem to fall behind on blogging eats on weekends, I've also realized that I don't take pictures of everything which leads me to snack a LOT more. Blogging about my eats is a good way to keep myself accountable and 'mindfully snack' because I do not want to take pictures of 5 separate pictures of chocolate.

Anyhow my Friday started with the usual mashed nanner & nut butter on toast. I like this combo with sunflower butter best.

The rest of the morning was spent studying for my midterm and I had a hummus + cheese wrap for lunch. This guy was dense in calories but empty in volume. I definitely did not feel satisfied after eating it.

The midterm went reasonably well but by the time I got home I was starving ... I had two pieces of pumpkin protein bread topped with greek yogurt and called it dinner.

Little did I know an intense broccoli + ketchup craving was to immediately follow.

Dessert was a square of Lindt sea salt chocolate.

The rest of the night was spent working on the 486R case at Blenz sipping on massive cups of green tea. (Trying to kick the coffee habit now that midterms are over ... so far failing)

Went home for a nap and got up bright and early to continue the hard work aided by a greek yogurt + banana + blueberry + cereal concoction.

Loving known as a 'yogurt mess'.

I was so stressed from the case that I took a baking break and made some oatmeal raisin pecan banana cookies for my group. They loved the cookies but I won't share the recipe just yet because I need to make some adjustments.

I also made a giant cookie for the BF but he didn't eat it until a day later and wasn't a big fan. I think the banana in the cookie makes it so that it has to be enjoyed immediately.

Brought lunch and snacks for the 7hour long case session at Blenz. An open faced smoked salmon + laughing cow sandwich and carrot sticks.

Also a sliced honeycrisp with hummus for dippin.

My sweet tooth hit around 3 and I bought a giant chocolate rice krispie square. (I have a weakness for these that I do not often admit to)

It was SO BIG that when I cut it up it became 8 normal sized rice krispie squares. I shared these with my group members.

I was so relieved and excited for date night after the long and stressful meeting. Unfortunately grocery shopping couldn't happen due to business so BF and I ordered sushi. This was an unagi roll and tuna + salmon sashimi.

Followed by a couple glasses of delicious Malbec with the rest of the Lindt sea salt chocolate.

This morning I woke up with a baking itch again and made pumpkin pecan muffins. Topped each with a dollop of cinnamon icing. BF liked these ones a lot more and I'll tweak the recipe to make another batch for next weekend.

We finally ventured out of the house after a long period of inertia to grocery shop and made grilled cheese sandwiches when we got home. Neither of us had made them before and it was definitely a delicious success, I had half of one with a side beet + goat cheese salad.

These are definitely being made more often.

Dinner was supposed to be burritos but due to a day of snacking I wasn't at all hungry when eating time rolled around. I had some of the burrito mix (ground chicken with meat pasta sauce and shredded cheddar cheese) on spinach with a bit of cottage cheese.

Some eats that were uncaptured included a small bowl of drumstick ice cream, and a lot of halloween chocolates. When I stay inside for a long period of time and am not busy with schoolwork I have a tendency to snack all day long and now I feel pretty tired and not stellar from all the junk food. Definitely looking forward to a week of healthy eats and good sleep.

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