Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deja Vu

Today was one of those days when I craved more of the same ...

Half a mashed nanner on cinnamon-raisin with sunflower butter.

Followed by a 9am chocolate craving that hit full force! Nothing like some old fashioned chocolate covered raisins to hit the spot, these are one of my favourite halloween candies.

Because of the spontaneous snack (of course I ate the whole box) I went for my lunch (coffee break) before eating lunch. Managed to catch a bit of noon hour sun while sipping on a half&half with full-fat cream over my Real Estate Finance textbook.

Finally started to feel pangs of hunger at 2pm and I broke in to this smoked-salmon-laughing-cow wrap on a rice tortilla.

Followed by a whole honey crisp apple dipped in lemon hummus. I've been dippin all y fruits and veggies in hummus lately.

On my way home from work I picked up some staples from the grocery store. (Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, carrots, laughing cows, pickles) On a whim, I bought some giant black seedless grapes because I hardly ever have grapes and they looked delicious. I had some for a study snack and they were super sweet! Only problem: I'm definitely still allergic to grapes ... how did this fact manage to elude me?! Hopefully my landlord will eat the rest of these beauties ... I'll stick to bananas and peaches for now.

Tomorrow is my last midterm at 1pm! The beauty of it being during the day is I have the remainder of my Friday night to do other things! (Tomorrow night will involve working on my 486R case but the point is at least there won't be anymore midterm prepping!)

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