Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Which way is up?

I woke up this morning completely disoriented and not knowing which way was up. Apparently I forgot to close my window last night and in my unconscious effort to keep myself warm while sleeping I managed to rotate nearly 90 degrees in my bed. Luckily this confusion did not distract me from my ideal breakfast .... mashed-nanner-PB-toast!

Slice of Cinnamon-Raisin Ezebiel bread topped with a generous amount of organic unsalted peanut butter and half of an overripe banana mashed on top. PERFECT. I thought about adding honey but it was completely unnecessary due to the sweetness of the banana and raisins.

This breakfast surprisingly kept me full until lunch. A smoked salmon cream cheese wrap which I made (and photographed) last night. Smoked salmon + cream cheese is just an ace combo anytime but I think the rice wrap really made this meal! (Unfortunately a chunk broke up while it was frozen)

After class I went to a study group session and had a chopped orange pepper with hummus as snack.

While I had planned on going home (and running a few errands) I ended up staying on campus until late! Good thing I always keep a couple of bars on hand.

And as always, something sweet before bed. Lindt Sea Salt is now my favourite chocolate of all time. (Above orange and ginger) I'd love to try other salted varieties of chocolate. Maybe some dark salted chocolate?

Tomorrow is Thursday which means I'm headed in to the office! These days are passing by so fast I hardly ever know which way is up anymore. Am really looking forward to Saturday at 5pm when I will have handed in my case and have the rest of my weekend ENTIRELY FREE FROM SCHOOLWORK and filling the void with a lot of cheese and wine. :D

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