Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thoughts on a (mostly) liquid day

This morning I woke up not looking forward to having a "meal replacement shake" at all. I wanted my usual yogurt mess or mashed nanner on bread and was quite grumpy as I made my way downstairs to blend together my shake.

I added a cup of almond milk and a splash of skim milk and a handful of ice cubes to two scoops of the vanilla cream mix (because chocolate at 7am is always a bad idea for me) and was SO SURPRISED at how good it tasted! Creamy and thick, it reminded me of a McDonald's vanilla milkshake. (250calories including milk)

I loved this, and will try throwing in a handful of spinach into tomorrow morning's mix. (Yes, I'm actually excited to drink it again!)

I was supposed to have the chocolate shake for lunch but after a mug of coffee and tea my stomach just couldn't handle anymore liquids. (Note to self: drink less liquids when using liquid replacements) I had the half Clif Bar instead for lunch. What was amazing was that I wasn't at all hungry at my usual lunch hour. (120 calories)

I took the chocolate shake to class and sipped on it during my 3 classes. Every time I felt slightly hungry I would take a few gulps and the hunger would go away! The chocolate cream tasted like chocolate protein powder, which isn't a taste I mind but other people might. It definitely didn't taste as creamy as the vanilla but I suspect that's more to do with the milk. (Mixed the chocolate with cold water and hand shook it) (180 calories)

Still wasn't that hungry when I got home, so I chopped up a sweet potato and a carrot and roasted it in seasoning salt, cinnamon, and a drizzle of lite maple syrup for 45 minutes. I also made egg rolls which may be the most fantastic concoction I have ever concocted.

First the veggies! I had the strangest cravings for onions of all things (must've been all those shakes) so I pan fried some and mixed in with the roasted veggies. A pickle and spinach for the "green" component and some ketchup for dipping. (250 calories ~ a rough estimate as I have no idea how many calories the tater was but he wasn't very big so I'll count him as 150)

While the veggie bowl was colorful and fun to eat. The star of tonight's dinner was this egg roll! I vaguely recalled these delicious egg crepes my mom used to make for me and recreated them with the ingredients I had on hand and they turned out AMAZING. Really rich and decadent, almost like a savory dessert, but super healthy for you.

Tracy's Cheesy Green Onion Egg Rolls

2 eggs
half tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of dill weeds
2 TBSP of green onion
2 wedges of laughing cow light (or any other cream cheese of your choice)

Mix the first four ingredients together until baking powder is completely dissolved.
Pour mixture on a heated, oiled frying pan on medium heat, as you would cook an omelette.
Wait until the raw egg has nearly settled and carefully flip the crepe.
Remove from pan onto plate when it is almost done cooking.
Spread cream cheese liberally while crepe is warm.
Roll crepe and cut into little pieces (like sushi!)

They reminded me of these egg roll pastries commonly available at asian supermarkets (which I love!) and the cheese goes so well with the green onion flavor. You have to try this, it's so easy to make. (210 calories)

After dinner the chocolate cravings begun (clearly I grossly exaggerated in saying I would never again want chocolate yesterday) but was sensible enough to settle for a cup of lite hot chocolate. Some marshmallows would've been perfect. (60 calories)

And shortly after that cup of hot chocolate I began to MASSIVELY crave rice krispies. I tried to distract myself with homework but could not. I've been craving them this entire week ever since I had that massive Blenz rice krispie but could not get them off my mind today. I had a Luna s'mores bar and I broke off a chunk to see if it would satisfy but it sadly did not. (60 calories)

Only one thing to do - and that was to go to Safeway! I was going to go after work tomorrow but thought I might as well make the trip tonight. Even though I wasn't hungry, I wanted to buy EVERY unhealthy thing in the store. Blueberry scones, mini reese's pieces, oreo ice cream sandwiches, but in the end I stuck to my pre-made grocery list (which included the recent addition of rice krispies and mini marshmallows) and headed home with nothing too awful.

When I got home, however, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend today after school about not obsessing over food and gaining mental control of cravings. I said to myself, "I just had a perfectly filling, delicious, and healthy dinner and walked all the way to Safeway to buy these deadly little devils. Do I really need this? And how will I feel after eating this?" and the answer was, "Probably pretty shitty and too stuffed." I then asked myself, "What if I eat this tomorrow or at a time when I'm not so full?" and the reply was, "Well that sounds like something a normal human being would do." so I put away the rice krispie and had a bowl of grapes instead. (120 calories)

Total calories for the day: ~1100 (including about 50 calories worth of coffee creamer and coffee) For the first time in a long time, I didn't pre-plan what I was going to eat, nor did I binge on junk food. I just ate what sounded good to me and in the quantity that I wanted. I was never hungry, and only a tiny bit too full after dinner (it was that Luna bar that did it!!!) and somehow my calorie count turned out just right. I'm sure some days it'll be higher, and some times it could be lower, but for the next little while I'm just going to eat intuitively and not stress about random junk food cravings. :)

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  1. Yay! :) I didn't plan my food today either.. So far so good!