Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mostly Liquid ... and Fruit

I took the plunge today and spent $96 dollars on liquid meal replacements. A 20 serving box of Vanilla Cream and Mixed Chocolate Flavours from the EAS Myoplex Lite line. Since I am clearly choosing to ignore the paradigms behind sunk costs I hope the steep price tag will keep me going on my new mostly-liquids diet if nothing else.

The mixed chocolate box includes dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate, and chocolate truffle. So far I am still loving the taste of these shakes and look forward to drinking them but it is only my second day!

This morning started with some cantaloupe and strawberries.

Which were enough to tide me over until I made it into the office. This guy was a Vanilla Cream blended with ice and two big handfuls of spinach. Spinach is tasteless in smoothies but gives a shake a nice pulpy texture and more volume! (And turns it a fun green!)

Similar to yesterday, after my first smoothie and a couple cups of other liquids I did not want to stomach another smoothie for lunch even though I was hungry. Broke out the 2 pm snack instead. This was 1/2 a honeycrisp with 1/4 cantaloupe and some green grapes.

And then sipped on this chocolate guy for the remainder of the afternoon.

It was just barely enough to get me home today but I definitely wanted food right away. Strangely enough I CRAVED onions again! This time I sauteed a quarter of an onion with kale in Teriyaki sauce with a side of ketchup.

I made another egg crepe roll except this time I added smoked salmon! This was incredible and I wish I weren't out of smoked salmon so I can make it again ...

Perfect marriage of delicate flavors. I subbed laughing cows for Philadelphia cream cheese spread today.

After dinner I had to jet off to my 486R group meeting and I had my rice krispie all packed and ready for consumption! However quickly after arriving at the meeting it was clear none of us were in the mood for a 2 hour case prep session so we decided to call it an early night and head to white spot for some sustenance + bonding time.

Since the other hadn't eaten they all ordered burgers + milkshakes and I was seriously contemplating one as well. However, I decided to go with a healthier choice and one that I arguably would enjoy more. A glass of Pinot Noir! I was happy with this decision and it fit with my mostly liquid and fruit day. I also had a couple of yam fries dipped in chipotle mayo (a couple being more than 5 but less than 10) which are unpictured here.

Now it's time for bed and can't wait for tomorrow and my first weekend off from 486R since the beginning of the semester!

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