Friday, November 19, 2010

Can't chat, too much work!

I unintentionally knocked myself out last night with a mug of warm milk with honey. Random craving that struck out of no where!

My this morning's breakfast seemed like ages ago!
Hot water with lemon juice (aids digestion), breakfast sandwich with 1 egg, 1 slice turkey bacon, and tomatoes, and a cinnamon'd apple.

What's with me craving savoury breakfasts lately? Not complaining though because they sure are satisfying.

Breakfast: 372 calories

Getting sick of my lunches yet? I'm not!! Delicious sandwich #3 with carrots and hummus.

Dijon mustard + Ham + Spinach + Cucumber + Cracked Pepper = Refreshingly awesome.


Lunch: 310 calories

Snacked on a KIND bar I bought from Starbucks. Tasted like a Larabar with lots of chunky nuts. Great taste, meeeeh texture.

Snack: 180 calories

Then I got home and wasn't craving anything in particular so decided to use up the remaining soup from last night. I drained and reheated with tomato sauce and it made for a surprisingly delish meal of leftovers.

Don't be fooled though. 75% of this bowl contained roasted brussel sprouts and broccoli!

Dinner: 255 calories

Since dinner was on the light side I had my fav dessert of late. Chocolate mousse and cottage cheese parfait topped with pom arils!

A little bit later I wanted to snack again (stress eating to the max) and wanted to recreate the pumpkin pie I made last night using vanilla yogurt instead! (in my head I thought that egg whites + greek yogurt = MAGICAL CUSTARD)

Big fail. It tasted like sweet egg whites. I had two big spoonfuls and decided it wasn't my time and chucked the rest. Cup of hot water with a tablespoon of honey did the trick.

Evening snack: 250 calories

Total: 1367 calories

I gotta get to bed!


6am - 8am: Wake up and prep cases
8am - 8:30am: Bus to school
9am - 7pm: 10 hours of 486R Class!!!
7pm - 11pm: Work on pop case with group
11pm - 12pm: Beg a group member for a ride and pass out


6am - 8am: Wake up and prep cases
8am - 8:30am: Bus to school
9am - 3pm: 486R
3pm - 4pm: Work on 498 powerpoint presentation
4pm - 7pm: 498 group meeting
7pm - 7:30pm: bus home
7:30pm - 10:00pm: Work on 377 homework for Monday's group meeting.

Oh my gosh it never ends!!!!!!

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