Thursday, November 18, 2010

A ray of sunshine over my head


1. My boss asked me to do something I had never done before without any clear directions 15 minutes before I was off that ended up taking almost two hours to do.

2. Realized after talking to my co-workers that there is no feasible way for me to balance work and do the NAIOP competition next semester - something I was REALLY, REALLY looking forward to.

3. Supervisor did not give me as much time off during exams as I had planned.

4. Which lead to a mini-breakdown over how much needs to be done in the next three weeks in terms of schoolwork and how little time there is to do it.

And then realized...

5. That to succeed in this industry, I need to take initiative in projects without being told exactly how to do it and that my boss trusts me enough to give me a high degree of control.

6. That I am currently in a position where my co-workers had ASPIRED to be in before they graduated.

7. That my supervisor wants me to work more because what I'm doing is of value to the company.

8. And that while this exam period may be the most stressful of my life because of my weekend trip immediately preceding 3 exams in 48hrs - I have miraculously almost reached the end of a CRAZY semester.

Yeah, my life is guud.

When I have a tub of nearly empty greek yogurt, I always like to throw fruit or oats in it to sit in the fridge overnight so it gets creamy the next morning. Last night I added 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp flaxseed meal (omega-3!!) to the remnants of fig&date greek and this morning threw in half a chopped apple.

Messy overnight bowl of awesomeness.

Breakfast: 381 calories

I feel like a little kid lately with my three part lunches! Sammie + Apple slices + Green grapes.

Tuna melt made combining half a can of tuna with a tbsp of cream cheese and a handful of spinach - nuked the whole thing for a minute so the tuna gets super cheesy. Mmmmm.

Lunch: 375 calories

Lately I've been eating a taffy candy after every meal - I like to end on a sweet note and it helps serve as a remainder that this meal is over. Some people brush their teeth, chew gum, or eat a mint, but I find the first impractical, the second unappealing, and the third ineffective.

These are in my current rotation. Ginger People Original Ginger Chew (20cal), Branhi Licorice Toffee (20 cal), Chocolate Mint (20 cal), and Riesens (40cal). I ate all of these at various points today and like the Ginger Chew and Riesen the best ... 1 Riesen can last me 10 minutes!!!!

Afternoon snack was 1/3 cup cottage cheese and a couple tbsp of greek yogurt. (Adds a little sweetness to cc) Toppings are pumpkin flax granola w pom arils!

Yummy and filling. A nice little pick-me-up in the afternoon before I had my mini-freak-out and ate another Riesen out of stress. (Just 1 because I realized it wasn't making my life better and stopped.)

Afternoon Snack: 273 calories

I'm glad I had a heartier snack today because I got home way later than I expected! Dinner was half a can of chicken noodle soup with my last scone.

Chunky's Chicken Noodle proclaims to have 25% more vegetable than before! I found this still unacceptable and threw in a large handful of spinach. Canned soup is still canned soup.

Even after 2 days of sitting on the counter, this little scone was MOIST and delicious. I toaster oven'd him with a blob of margarine on top which melted inside!! Mmmm I can't wait to make these again and have them with real butter!

Dinner: 263 calories

I was still hungry after dinner so wanted a dessert-ish snack. Enter Crustless Pumpkin Pie! A quarter cup of eggs whites mixed with a quarter cup of pumpkin and a very generous dash of cinnamon nuked for 3 minutes! TRY THIS!! It's so easy, so good, and so healthy. 80% of your daily recommended Vitamin A intake and 14g of protein. Did I mention it's absolutely delicious?! (I topped mine with a blob of cottage cheese)

Dessert: 100 calories

Total: 1392 calories

And now I'm off to crank out a 10 page paper almost overdue! Pretty sure I keep diet coke (in this case, pepsi) on hand for nights like these. Not at all healthy but definitely helps with the writing! Ta-ta!

(The title inspired by a nice man who commented on how cheery my new umbrella is in the elevator today - "Young lady, you must be a very happy person if you always have a ray of sunshine over your head." how could I disagree?)

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  1. Your scone loooks soo good! you are one busy lady! yeesh girl. I'm glad you can miraculously stay on top of things!

    I still need to eat my can of pumpkin. And whats nuked?? microwaved? looks super yum... my fav part of the pie is the crust though