Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday #3: WWSS?

It's that time of the week again? Time sure flies when you're swamped by work!!

I woke up craving SCONES and pretty much replicated yesterday's breakfast except I made an egg crepe with 1 egg + 2 egg whites. I was too impatient and the eggs didn't cook enough so I ended up rolling the crepe and eating it like a wrap. I'm beginning to really like savory breakfasts!

Breakfast: 360 calories

Had to bus to campus in the pouring rain!! It was miserable and everything got wet by the time I got to school. Worked on the international business group project before digging into lunch. A turkey + spinach + cranberry goat cheese(!!) + miracle whip sandwich. The goat cheese took this ordinary sandwich from ok to GOURMET. Highly recommended.

Vitamin A + hummus + ginger chew. If I eat a carrot everyday, maybe my eyesight will get better? (That's what my mom used to tell me about fish brains ...)

Lunch: 375 calories

After class it was time to BUCKLE down and finish that international business project but my laptop charger completely died spontaneously!! It just wouldn't work and since the laptop battery is completely drained I couldn't start up my laptop at all. My laptop is ancient and falling apart, and it was really stressful calling tech support and being placed on hold for 30+ minutes only to be told that it would take A WEEK to ship me a new charger. WHAT?! I can barely go 3 hours without a computer! I seriously felt like crying. Luckily my friend Z came to the rescue with the brilliant idea of calling our nearest Future Shop and it turned out they sell 'universal adapters' which can charge any kind of laptop. We left right away and an hour and $110 later, I was a happy, sane, stressed girl again. YAY!!!

We then spent the following 4 hours working in a nearby Starbucks on our project. Starbucks is such a great place to work right now with their Christmas music and decorations. THEIR CHRISTMAS TEA & COFFEE CUPS ARE SOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE. I wanted to buy them all!! Wouldn't it be nice to see some cute dishware on this blog? They had this set of 3 handleless teacups that would be perfect for oatmeal, yogurt, and other little eats. It took a lot of self-control to walk away from that shelf today ... but I did it! We sat in comfy armchairs by the window and I had a half-decaf americano (with half&half) and a Luna bar. (Which I didn't think about photographing until after I ate it ...)

Snack: 225 calories

At around 6:30 Z went to Tim Horton's to grab dinner and I got one of Starbucks' fruit parfaits. This one was raspberries & peaches and surprisingly delish.

Dinner: 310 calories (even though the packaging said 270, their website said 300 and livestrong said 310?! thought it would be better to over-estimate than under)

And then I finally got home a short while ago and snacked on some grapes while I packed tomorrow's lunch. Tres exciting, no?

Dessert: 45 calories

Total: 1314 calories

And the theme of this week's weigh-in ... Would Would Snooki Say?

The answer is clearly ...


Week 3 Weigh-in:
131.8lb. Down 0.2 from last week, but up 0.8 from the week before!

Things I did well:

1. No binging or guilt associated with over-eating! This gets easier and easier. I'm learning that if you feed your cravings, then you will crave HEALTHY THINGS. Like when I satisfied my cinnamon roll craving, I was glad but realized that for 400 calories, I would've rather had a hearty meal.

2. Listened to hunger cues. Onthis day when I had WAAAAAY too many calories it wasn't because I stuffed myself silly, but because of food choices. I woke up the next morning hungry and didn't feel bloated or gross at ALL.

Things I can improve on:

1. Eating 3L of ice cream in 1 week is over-doing it. In the future if an ice cream craving attacks I can just get a single-serving soft serve. Ice cream in this household is a ticking time bomb!

2. Eat less junk ... I can definitely still cut back on chocolate bars and unhealthy foods without feeling deprived - just find healthy substitutions! Ice cream -> frozen greek yogurt. Pastries -> Vitamuffins. Chocolate Bars -> Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter. The list goes on!

3. Try to aim for the lower of the 1200 - 1550 range. A number of days this past week I have been close to 1500 or above, which is pretty much a maintainence level for me since I'm stationary for the majority of the day. All I need to do is cut back on that 200 cal candy bar and substitute for some healthy, filling veggies & fruits.

4. Drink more water! Since the days have gotten colder, I have been subbing my usual 8 glasses for tea & coffee (which take longer to drink so I end up drinking only 4 cups) NEED MORE HYDRATION.

All in all, I'm pretty bummed that this weight-loss isn't going as well as planned. However, I've come to terms that with my dormant hermit-student lifestyle, to achieve any kind of drastic weight loss without exercise requires me to DRASTICALLY decrease my intake of calories to a level which I believe is both physically and mentally unhealthy. The most important thing for me is to be happy and healthy, and I feel that I will continue to do so as long as I make healthy dietary choices!

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  1. I'm glad that you're super positive even though you're weight loss isn't going as well as you'd hoped. And you are definitely making awesome food choices. =) I think you've almost got your moderation thing down!