Sunday, November 14, 2010

Falling off the wagon!

Yesterday was one of those days that just turned out to be "eat whatever you want". It all started with breakfast. I went to bed really tired and had to get up early and was feeling pretty awful when I woke up -> hence intense craving for ice cream. Enter Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

I polished off the remains of the container.

Since I was about to go to a 7-hr long meeting I decided some real food was necessary. Enter giant bowl of breakfast. (Kashi Honey Sunshine, Bran Psylliums, a container of yogurt, a third of an apple, some grapes, and a blob of sunflower butter).

Turned out to be a good move! I wasn't hungry for lunch until after 12 and then devoured this Gnocchi + Broccoli combo.

And a wunderbar for good measure.

I was really excited for dinner with Al at the New Bohemian! However, I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of all our food. I did manage to snap a picture of the Al Fungi Pizza we ordered which was good, but not great.

We also got their breads & spreads basket and a half liter of a Mark West Pinot Noir (which was hands down the best part of the meal)

After dinner eats included a bottle of Pinot Noir and half a bottle of a Sangiovese. (Our first time trying this grape and we both thought it was great!)

Opted for a homemade McFlurry instead of a McDonald's creation. A cup of vanilla ice cream blended with a splash of milk and honey graham cookies. YUUUM.

And what goes better with wine than dark chocolate? This was a dark chocolate Dolfin bar infused with orange peels.

So I tried to track everything on sparkpeople but it's really hard to estimate the meal we ate out. I had three (small) pieces of bread and three pieces of pizza but have no idea how much they could be. Not including dinner I was at 1900 so, I'm going to estimate 1000 calories for dinner and clock the day in at 2900. YIKES.

However, I woke up this morning with an empty and HUNGRY stomach so I didn't feel too bad. Kept breakfast light with some grapes and a bagel.

Breakfast: (340 calories)

And snacked on a bag of popcorn and the rest of the wine throughout the morning.

Snack: (288 calories)

Wasn't hungry for lunch and had some assorted veggies (carrots/celery/cucumber) with dips (hummus/salsa/hot sauce) and some cashews.

Lunch: (200 calories)

Al made grilled chicken wraps for dinner and they turned out soooo good. Deli chicken slices on a flatout wrap with aged cheddar and blue cheeses, mushrooms, green peppers, and tomatoes.


Dinner: (320 calories)

Something sweet after dinner, cottage cheese + chocolate mousse topped with some cashews.

Dessert: (261 calories)

Total: 1408 calories.

Two high days this week makes me really look forward to a week of healthy eats! Also should make it a new rule not to have ice cream before 9am! :)

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  1. Only you would eat ice cream for breakast! LOL. It looks really good though. I'm glad you can get started off with your regular eating patterns again this week! Also good job on resisting the mcdonalds mcflurry !