Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So last night's undocumented treat was this brown blob!

It's a blob of chocolate peanut butter that I froze in the freezer. AMAZING. Tastes like fudge ... :)

This morning's breakfast had to involve a scone even if it meant my first SAVORY breakfast in who knows how long?

Ok, not completely savory because of that 1/2 apple pear, but I love the versatility of these scones. Pair them with soup as a hearty side carb or top them with a little bit of butter n' jam action if you want a sweet treat.

I topped mine with a blob of cream cheese and toasted it in the toaster oven for about 5 minutes while the egg cooked. Then I broke the yolk over the scone and my goodness was this a delicious and satisfying combo! English muffins got nothin' on scones.

Breakfast: 358 calories

I picked up these ginger chews on my morning candy run. I only meant to try one ... I swear. SO ADDICTIVE.

Followed by some green&green for lunch.

And an apple-cheddar-hummus sandwich. I will never get sick of this combo.

Dessert was another ginger chew and a piece of a Jer's chocolate peanut butter bar.

Lunch: 418 calories

The remainder of the chocolate bar was devoured in the afternoon alongside a honeycrisp apple. It didn't stand a chance. (Two more ginger chews met their tragic end but sadly, were not captured on camera)

Afternoon snack: 225 calories

I went grocery shopping after work and bought the most DELICIOUS looking loaf of bread and knew I had to incorporate it into dinner somehow. Just a simple cheddar n' ham sandwich with a side of pickles.

I debated grilling this guy but once in a while it's just nice to have soft, fluffy untoasted bread! I topped one slice with cheddar cheese and the other with a drizzle of dijon mustard, ham slices, and tomato and popped them in the toaster oven for five minutes just so the cheese melted. The edges were nice and crispy but the center was soft and chewy!

A side of 1/2 an apple pear. Did you know that apple pears have just as much fibre as an apple but only half the calories? They're so sweet and juicy and are fun to snack on! 1 medium apple pear has 51 calories, while 1 medium apple or pear have around 90 - 100. The sum is lesser than its parts?!

Dinner: 346 calories

While at the grocery store, I was reading about Kelly Osbourne's recent weight-loss and she admitted that having a low-carb, low-sugar treat before bed helped her stay on track. Mine wasn't low-sugar, but it was non-fat and high-protein so I'll take it!

Date & Fig greek yogurt topped with some pomegranate arils tossed in the freezer for 15 minutes. Almost as good as ice cream! (Ok that's a bit of a stretch but since I clearly cannot have ice cream in the house this will just have to suffice!)

Dessert: 120 calories

Total: 1460 calories

This week is just ROLLIN' along! So much to do and no-time to do it ...

Upcoming week:
Wednesday: Class + work on 498 project all day + work on 486R essay + cases
Thursday: Work + REALLY FREAKING LONG 486R meeting since we couldn't meet today
Friday: Class + pray to god I can get this essay done.
Saturday: 10 page essay due!!!! 486R class all day :(
Sunday: 486R class all day + work on 498 project
Monday: 498 presentation!
Tuesday - end of december: CRAM FOR FINALS LIKE MAD.

That's the game plan.
On a brighter note, I'm leading the office hockey pool by 10 points!!!!!!!! And my bosses made fun of me for picking Malkin. Pffffffft who's laughing now?!


  1. theres such a thing called chocolate peanut butter?!?!?

    how come i nvr heard of it!!!! must get some asap

  2. It's called Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co! Puts that nutella stuff to SHAAAAAAME.