Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ginger lovin'

Can't believe it's nearly that midway point during the week already. Is it just me or are the days flying by? It's dark when I wake up and dark before I get home ... I feel like a worker ant.

A worker ant that feeds itself extremely well that is.

The craving for savory breakfasts is still in full force, this morning featured a bagel-wich and half a cinnamon'd apple pear.

Whole wheat bagel + Cream Cheese + Semi-scrambled egg. Mmmmm.

Savory foods make me feel so satisfied!

Breakfast: 276cal

Work was super busy today and I actually delayed lunch because I wanted to just plow through my project. Imagine that ...

In the lunch box: ham sandwich + cinnamon'd apple slices

Deli ham, spinach, cucumbers, black pepper, and tzatziki sauce(!!!) made this sandwich really refreshing and light!

Gotta have dessert! Looove these ginger chews. They're my new addiction in life.

Lunch: 360cal

Even though it's freezing out, I couldn't pass up the cheerful noon hour sun. I walked to whole foods (capers) for the first time in a month! After spending the entire morning hunched over a cubicle the fresh air was so nice. I splurged on some goodies.

Peanut Ginger Chew, Spicy Apple Ginger Chew, and Gin-Gin (the tiny Ginger hard candy)

To make up for this indulgence, I veto'd my usual Blenz Americano for a cup of free black coffee from McDonald's! Obviously no Americano, but still delicious with an afternoon snack. This is Kellogg's Fibreplus granola bar in Dark Chocolate Almond. I usually steer clear from bars with ingredients that I can't pronounce and stick to my trusty Clif/Lunas. A few weeks ago I received a free sample of this bar on my way to work and was AMAZED at how delicious it was - better than a chocolate bar - and picked up a box when I saw it was on sale.

Today this was too sweet, even for me!

It left me craving more food and the only thing I had on hand that was not chocolate was a bag of Smartfood popcorn. Halfway through this bag, my teeth felt sticky from sugar and I threw it out.

I had a peanut ginger chew instead. This tastes just like the peanut sauce you find in thai food ... really yummy and definitely for someone who want a more subtle ginger flavor.

Afternoon snack: 228cal

For dinner I wanted something warm and gooey. A pizza wrap + salad did the trick.

Redleaf lettuce + cucumber slices + alfalfa salad drizzled with a tzaziki dressing. (1tbsp tzaziki to 3tbzp water) Light and refreshing.

And a flatout wrap filled with pizza sauce, mushrooms, ham chunks, extra aged cheddar. It was a mess to eat because the pizza sauce dripped everywhere -> definitely not date night worthy but yummy for those moments when you eat alone in your room and it's ok to have pizza sauce dripping down your chin because no one saw.

Gin-Gin for dessert! It was actually a little mild for me, I guess I've just become accustomed to the taste of ginger.

Dinner: 360cal

And for actual dessert. A chocolate-pumpkin-cheesecake parfait. Served in a wine glass to make up for that dinner atrocity.

From the bottom up: a layer of pumpkin, cottage cheese, chocolate mousse, cottage cheese, chocolate mousse, pom arils!

Dessert: 126cal (seriously!)

Total: 1351cal

I can't wait for actual date night tomorrow! We're going to an Italian restaurant ... gotta be extra careful that a repeat of tonight doesn't happen!

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  1. that bagel with the egg looks amazingggg

    and so does that dessert