Monday, November 22, 2010

Hibernation mode

It's been unusual cold in Vancouver for the past 3 days! It snowed on Saturday and it's like Winter decided to sneak it's way in when no one was ready and now it won't leave. I don't have proper footwear or outerwear for this weather ...

Is that why I've been craving savory foods more? This morning I had another breakfast sandwich with an apple pear & cinnamon. Cinnamon is such an amazingly comforting smell.

Sandwich thin with an egg and a slice of turkey bacon. It tasted bland after the first bite and I added a sploosh of ketchup and cracked black pepper. Much better!

Then I worked on a presentation for class until I had to leave and snacked on some animal crackers. I only meant to eat 3, but man are these good!! The entire bag disappeared.

Breakfast: 391cal

I'm still not sick of eating sandwiches. Especially not when they're high-school lunchbox style. Turkey&Cranberry Goat Cheese with apple slices &cinnamon.

Deli turkey with a chunk of melted cranberry goat cheese with some spinach. So festive.

Lunch: 370cal

After my afternoon international business presentation, I had to stay late to work on an international currency project. A heftier Clif bar for maximum staying power.

Followed by some candy.

Afternoon snack: 292cal
I got home a little bit before 7 and was cold and hungry. Heated up a can of clam chowder and poured over a couple handfuls of wilted spinach (need more veggies!) and a warm & margarine-d slice of bread butt.

Unfortunately after taking a bite of bread I decided that it definitely needs more flavor. Enter garlic powder.

Dinner: 320cal

Followed by a chocolate mousse/cottage cheese parfait topped with pom arils. This is my go-to dessert! Because the mousse is sugar-free, it is not very rich tasting but the salty cc really brings out the chocolaty flavor! The acidity from the arils adds another dimension not to mention it's a super healthy snack.

I gots mail today!! Back in September I placed a subscription for CookingLight and it finally came today! Along with something I ordered from Ebay two weeks ago.

This is to replace my beloved Moleskine for the next year! I am addicted to my agenda and feel lost without it but none have been able to satisfy like the classic Moleskine. I've been very loyal to the brand for the past 4 years but I wanted a change. When I saw this one I definitely wanted to give it a chance!

And then my hand slipped and I ate a bag of cashews. OOOOPS it brought me over today's limit but good thing I pre-portioned these guys so minimal damage was done.

Dessert: 281cal

Total: 1654

Can't win them all! I'm pooped and have a looong day of work ahead tomorrow. Toodle-loo!

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