Sunday, November 21, 2010

Short n' savory

Leftover grilled chicken sub for breakfast because wasting food is bad.

I go through grapes like no other.

Breakfast: 420kcal

486R sure ain't healthy. Half a giant cinnamon bun with frostin' and half a chocolate croissant. Called it lunch.

Lunch: 450kcal

Healthy afternoon snack to try and compensate.

Snack: 105kcal

Some greens for dinner.

Followed by delicious homemade pizza. (Mostly because Z got some for dinner and the smell wouldn't leave my mind ...)

Dinner: 324kcal

A little something sweet.

Dessert: 118kcal

Today: 1417kcal

Gotta run! BYEE!

1 comment:

  1. Your sunday definitely sounds a lot better =) cinnamon bun looks so yummeh.