Monday, November 29, 2010

Quickly, quickly

After having a not-so-stellar day yesterday I called it an early night. Woke up this morning extra early and took some time to really get into a POSITIVE mindset for school. I think it worked because I got a lot done! (still so much left to do though ...)

Breakfast was the usual, sammie & fruits.

A slice of turkey bacon with an egg n' spinach scramble.

Was still hungry (or just craving something sweet) so had a little bowl of honey greek yogurt with pom arils.

Lunch was another sammie + fruit combo.

This was a ham sandwich made spectacular with the addition of some sweet pickles!!

I knew I'd be too busy to take a picture of my afternoon snacks and I was! Glad to have remembered this morning as I packed my bags. A Kashi granola bar and a bag of chopped veggies.

For dinner I was craving sushi! So I made a deconstructed sushi bowl out of ingredients I had at home. Half a cup of rice with seaweed mixed in, a can of tuna mixed with miracle whip, and some cucumber too!

This was actually really yummy! I poured some soy sauce over everything and the flavors were dynamic.

Dessert was a scoop of Myoplex Chocolate Cream, a big handful of ice, and some frozen blueberries.

Hit the spot!

Too tired to do a calorie breakdown but this was definitely under 1500.

Good night!

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