Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gluten-free Sugar-free Day 2

Another successful gluten-free/sugar-free day!

This morning I craved something sweet after a quick 20 minute cardio workout, but I was out of cottage cheese (THE HORROR!) and nothing else in the house fit the GFSF bill. I ended up making a two egg omelette with two slices of turkey bacon, two slices of swiss cheese, and sliced apple. Mmmmm salty-sweet combo always satisfies the palette.

For lunch I made a spinach/orange pepper/cucumber salad and packed a cup of marinated bean salad. (From a can)

The vinaigrette from the bean salad made the perfect dressing for the spinach, but it tasted slightly sweet so when I got home I checked the can, and sure enough, sugar was an ingredient! It was pretty far down the list though, so not a major slip-up, but it's sure alarming how sugar sneaks its way on so many ingredient lists.

Lunchhour americano, splash of half&half.

A colleague of mine held a gingerbread house raffle! She built them from scratch and they looked AMAZING. I'm glad I didn't win though ... Tracy + 3lbs of gingerbread/chocolate/frosting = Tracy + 3lb.

In the late afternoon, the sugar craving kicked in FULL FORCE. I anticipated that this would happen because it's around 2pm that I usually start eating chocolate at work and prepared accordingly. 1/2cup of cottage cheese with 1tsp of sugarfree jam and berries. A string cheese as well. (I feel like I'm eating so much cheese ...)

And after work I met up with a friend for coffee and had Starbucks #2 (in the same Starbucks too!) of the day along with 6 almonds (the carrots went untouched)

Dinner was late, so I kept it light with 1/2 an apple, the leftover carrot sticks, a big scoop of hummus, two slices of mozzarella cheese, and a TBSP of almond butter drizzled overtop.

And dessert was (you guessed it) more cottage cheese with SF jam and berries. What can I say, when something's good ...

The South Beach diet allows 75cal worth of sugar substitutes per day. Anymore, and it could spike blood sugar levels the same way that normal glucose does. Today I think I may have just barely passed with 1.5 TBS of SF jam and 9 pieces of gum. (30cal and 45cal) Tomorrow I'll try to have less gum ... although I have a feeling I'll need the stress relief since I have a practice final during the day.

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