Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gluten-free Sugar-free Day 3

A busy day today but I managed to stay GF&SF ... mostly.

Had an exam on campus from 10 - 2 so a big breakfast was in order. Same thing as yesterday (I'm so original) but using 1 egg and 4 egg whites today as well as mozzarella cheese instead of swiss. This is an awesome combo, while I made breakfast I munched on the other apple slices dipped in almond butter.

Thank goodness for that plan because I didn't grab lunch until after 2pm, 3 hours after my normal lunch hour! I expected to just pick something up from the student union building but it was SO HARD to find food that didn't have gluten or sugar in it. This was the best that I could do. A greek salad from the deli, which definitely had sugar in its dressing. I was SOOOO HUNGRY by this time I inhaled this in 4 minutes.

Later on the bus I had my packed snack of a ham roll-up. Two slices of deli ham wrapped around a log of string cheese with cucumber. Kinda crude, but it worked.

I got home really late and didn't want anything heavy ... to be honest by this point I was PAST hunger and just wanted to slather some almond butter on a piece of bread and pass out but managed to whip together something gluten like without gluten. 1/2 cup of pumpkin with 1/4 cup eggs, dash of baking powder, tsp of flaxseed meal, and two TBSP of chocolate protein powder (sweetened with Stevia) ... nuked it for 4 minutes and it was like warm chocolate pumpkin bread. (The flaxseed meal gives it a denser texture than just the egg alone) Drizzle of almond butter on top. Mmm.

Dessert was cottage cheese with SF jam and mixed frozen berries (x2)

Keeping gluten out of my diet hasn't proved a challenged thus far, but sugar sure has! It always seems to creep its way on unsuspecting ingredient lists, but I'm determined to fight the system.

Tomorrow's the big company xmas party, catered with 6 courses and an open bar! It's gonna be a true test of self-restraint!

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