Monday, December 13, 2010

A very large apple

Happy Monday! My day started later than normal, if you keep reading you'll find out why.

Good thing I've been pre-making breakfasts the night before. Just can't get enough of chocolate overnight oats. I combine oatmeal, flaxseed meal, and chocolate protein powder with almond milk and water in a jam jar before bed.

Then add granola and frozen berries in the morning.

I also had a quarter of an apple with a schmear of almond butter. I've finally whittled down a jar of peanut butter and permitted myself to open my jar of MaraNatha almond butter that I've been saving since September. It's safe to say that almond butter is my favourite food.

I got in to work at around 10am and had an unsweetened ice tea (it's just iced green tea in a bottle, no sugar of any kind) and some berry flavored gum as a midmorning snack.

Today's lunch wasn't very inspired but ended up tasting fantastic. Sandwich with an orange.

Ham, spinach, cream cheese, and cucumber. Cucumbers make any sandwich SOOO much better.

And because I was feeling fancy, I chose to get my usual Americano from Caffe Artigiano today instead of Blenz or Starbucks. It ended up being a big mistake because it was SO STRONG it gave me a horrible headache (even though I asked for half-caf) and I threw most of it out. The good news is 85% chocolate is growing on me! It's great paired with bitter unsweetened coffee.

For an afternoon snack, 1/2 of the giant apple from the morning with string cheese and a couple squares of Pinor Noir chocolate. SO GOOD. They also make Shiraz and Merlot chocolates but I refrained and only picked up one.

Since I'm flying home this weekend for two weeks, I'm trying to clean out my fridge. Today I made a tuna melt wrap by mixing a can of tuna with a tbsp of cream cheese and mushrooms and spinach. Nuked the mixture for 4 minutes until it got warm and gooey and spread it on a flatout wrap.

Enjoyed with some fresh ginger, (newest addiction) carrot slices, and basil hummus.

Dessert was 1/8 of the SAME apple from the morning with a tbsp of cottage cheese and another blob of almond butter. I feel like I've been eating this apple all day and there is still 1/8 remaining ...

Anyway, the exciting part of my day involved this!

The exciting purchase was made this past weekend and Al put it together Sat night (the thing came in a million parts and I honestly have no idea how normal people are able to assemble it) ... I wasn't that open to the idea of a stationary bike before because I never liked using them when I went to the gym, but I actually had a really good workout this morning - way harder than running! I did two 20min sessions on it today, one right after waking up, and one after work. It's so convenient to be able to work out in my own room, honestly, I can't think of any excuse NOT to use it.

Excited to finish this freaking apple.

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