Friday, December 10, 2010

Waiting on the good stuff

Woke up this morning feeling great! Absolutely nothing to study for and I was really happy to go into work.

Especially since I made overnight chocolate oats in a jar again! The sunflower butter residue was mostly gone but I used this jar again anyway because it was the perfect size. 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, half a banana, and 1/4 cup chocolate granola in the morning.

Stir it up!

And add a splash more almond milk to make it nice and gooey. Yuuuum.

I also had a handful of frozen grapes, they're so fun!

I developed a serious gum chewing problem these past two weeks. I go through about two packs a day now.

Lunch was really yummy. I made it last night on a whim! Chopped up 1 slice of whole wheat bread, some mushrooms and onions and stirfried it in a pan with some olive oil. Then I poured in two eggs and 1 slice of swiss cheese and it was such a delicious combo. Super easy too. With a side of grapes (unfrozen).

Noonhour americano (full-caf today which made my head spin) and an 85% chocolate square for dessert. I love dark chocolate, but 85% is a little too bitter for me. 70% is still my perfect medium.

Afternoon snack was the remnants of honey greek yogurt with orange slices and more chocolate granola. I left it in the fridge for a day and the yogurt was super tangy from the orange.

My first time adding chopped orange to yogurt. Definitely a winner.

Another square of dark chocolate to see if I can get used to the taste. It's growing on me. ;)

And a snack upon arriving home from work of chopped apple slices, frozen grapes, cottage cheese, and chocolate almond butter.

Which was a great move because I'm getting hungry for wine & cheese! So excited for date night tonight, plans for the Godfather marathon are in store since Al's never seen any of them ... speaking of whom, where is the tardy boy??

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