Saturday, January 8, 2011

PSMF - Day 1

So yesterday I promised a recap of an ease-in day, which isn't going to happen. Not only did I not take photos of anything after breakfast (bad blogger) but I also threw the whole 'healthy eating' out the window and ate whatever I wanted all day!

For dinner I went to sushi with friends and had some assorted rolls & teriyaki chicken, but the real fun began afterwards when we decided to go for drinks at a bar -> which led to a late-night trip to McDonald's, Burger King, and Megabite Pizza! Talk about drunken binging! But to be honest, I had A TON of fun and do not regret a single bite of it but was grateful that today was the first day of PSMF!

I woke up this morning dehydrated and not the least bit hungry (no duhhhh considering I consumed a gazillion calories last night) so I drank water until I felt ready for breakfast. I considered skipping breakfast actually, but decided that if I want to do this properly, I'm going to follow the RFL rules and get in my required protein.

At 10:00am I had my first meal. It was 1/4 2% cottage cheese(finishing up the tub) + 1/4 skim cottage cheese w/ a splash of almond milk and 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder. (24g protein) I added in a cucumber for crunch. I also took my Multi-vitamin, calcium & magnesium, and fish oil supplements.

Shortly after breakfast I took 8mg of Ephedrine w 100mg of Caffeine. (EC stack) I'm easing into the recommended dosage slowly to avoid any potential reactions. I didn't feel ANY change in heart rate or alertness ... guess I'm such a caffeine junkie that 100mg (1 cup of coffee) has no effect on me anymore!

At 1:30pm I made lunch. It was supposed to be an omelette, but my new 0-cal cooking spray does not seem to be as potent as PAM and by the time I managed to scrape the finish product onto a plate it had turned into a scramble. This was 6 egg whites, 2 slices fat free cheese, and 3 big handfuls of spinach. (31g protein) I made a sauce on the side using mustard and soy sauce but didn't end up needing it because the fat free cheese had (surprisingly) a lot of flavor! Also took my second fish oil supplement.

The serving size of this was BIG! If someone else made this for me, I wouldn't have believed it was only 150cal. It was super satisfying and definitely filled me up.

The tricky part is to keep each meal under 5g fat and 5g carb. This morning's breakfast was on the high side, 3g fat from the cottage cheese, and 4g carb from the protein powder. Lunch was better, 0g fat and 1g carb! (Veggie carbs don't count) It's a hassle to calculate the macro proportions for everything but as the diet progresses I'm sure I'll be rotating the same few staple meals and it will become easier.

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