Friday, August 27, 2010


Most people associate the cool sensation of ice cream with a hot summer day, today was anything but! When the ice cream urge hit me, it was raining outside and my toes were starting to feel a little bit chilly. Nevertheless - I had half a cup of ice cream before leaving for my study sesh (half chocolate, half vanilla) with a teaspoon of almond butter drizzled over top. It was so good!

Unfortunately that ice cream did little to suppress my hunger. At around 12:30 during my meeting I started to get hungry, so I whipped out my kashi bar that I was saving for later today ... always gotta have a bar or two on hand for emergencies like these.

When I arrived home I was more than ready for Lunch/Dinner. There was half an avocado left in the fridge that I didn't want to go to waste so today's Linner was based off that. I nuked the 1/2 avocado with 2 tbsps of hummus (35 calories!) and jammed it in a toasted english muffin with a laughing cow light cream cheese spread. Oh my gosh it was heavenly. After walking home in the rain, the warm cheesy avocado-wich was exactly what I wanted!

On the side I had a salad which consisted of a cup of spinach, a cup of cucumbers, three large sliced strawberries topped with crumbled blueberry goat's cheese. So good, I love any greens salad with goat's cheese and berries. The perfect blend of sweatness and tang with the slight bitterness of the greens.

Today's count so far:

Breakfast: Cookie (300) Fruit (100) Kashi Bar (100) - 500
Snack: Ice cream (100)
Snack: Kashi Bar #2 (150)
Lunch: Avocado sandwich (325) Salad (150) - 475

Which brings us to a total of 1225! Yiiikes maybe I shouldn't have had any ice cream. :( Dinner is a vitamuffin (100) and I'm planning on an after work walk so hopefully we'll shed a few calories that way.

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