Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday again?

I'm all wined and dined out from the weekend and am looking forward to a week of healthy eats!

In an attempt to cut back on my grocery bill I'm pre-planning the week's meals and grocery shopping in accordance rather than buying whatever I'm in the mood for and then coming up with meal plans.

Breakfast today was a light one, apple slices sprinkled in cinnamon with a slice of toast covered in almond butter. I'm near the end of the jar again! It always makes me feel so accomplished when I finish a jar of nut butter.

For lunch I wanted to use up some pantry items because the door has been uncloseable for about a week now. A can of sardines in mustard sauce with some Amy's organic corn crackers. Surprisingly deeeelish!

For an after school snack, carrot sticks and the last of the baba ganoush/hummus.

And dinner was a pork chop over blanched green beans and sliced beets.

Unpictured eats include a coke zero between classes, (I've gotten into the bad habit of drinking diet soda lately!!) two glasses of home made iced lattes, and a bowl of overripe cantaloupe for dessert. Now I'm off to bed!


  1. your pork looks amazing. do you use your forman cooking thing to make it?!?!

  2. Yes I buy it pre-seasoned and marinated then I just plop on to my George Foreman<3. 5 minutes and it tastes perfect!!! Only 150calories per porkchop ..