Sunday, September 26, 2010

More wine, more cheese

I am shocked by the amount of wine and cheese consumed between two people this weekend. This may be my first time drinking water in 2 days. Friday night saw the end of a bottle of merlot, and last night the BF and I polished off a pinot noir and a cab! That's 3 bottles in 24hrs between two people ... yikes!

Friday's eats included,

A delicious broccoli & carrot salad, with pickled beets, raisins, and goat cheese.

Lots of iced coffee

pizza night featuring this blue cheese & ham

and my Hawaiian which was delicious! (no pineapple on one half because someone doesn't like pineapples)

Waaaaaay too much of this!

Breakfast on Saturday was mango + cereal in almond milk

And we made the most delicious chicken burgers for lunch!

Aided by some pumpkin beer ...

We made the sweet potato fries from scratch by cutting two large sweet potatoes into strips and tossing them in the toaster oven for 45 minutes.

We grilled chicken breast on my new George Foreman (worked great!) and melted blue cheese on top. The buns were multigrain and soo doughy. I'm very pleased with our healthy rendition of the classic burger and fries!

I think we're both feeling the effects of too much wine and cheese so there may be a surge in healthy eats today!

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