Monday, October 4, 2010

All downhill for a while!

When mangos, pineapples, blueberries, and other tropical fruit disappear. I rediscover my love for neglected comrades like peaches!

The artificial taste of peach yogurt is gross, but fresh chopped peaches + honey greek yogurt is such a sweet combo! This morning I had some in a yogurt bowl of
1/2 cup of greek yogurt
1/2 cup of bran psylliums
1/8 cup ginger granola
half a chopped peach
quarter of a chopped apple

Mix it all up and it's a party at 7am!

I needed to get some shopping done this morning so I headed out extra early and shelled out a ton of money for this loot. Why is it that the things you really need are the things you hate spending money on? My printer has been out of ink for 5 months and I begrudgingly bought some today only because I was already in Staples picking up a memory stick and a financial calculator.

The rest of the morning was spent studying, fueled by one of my favourite school lunches. Little slices of aged white cheddar on Kashi crackers! So tasty and surprisingly filling and doesn't weigh down your purse!

Since I had to stay late on campus I packed leftover broccoli-carrot salad for dinner. I thought it looked kind of gross because the broccoli had been sitting in the dressing for a day but it actually turned out better than yesterday! Letting the veggies sit in the dressing gave it a tangy slawlike flavor.

For the carbs/protein portion of dinner, I opted for this Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar. Most Clif Bars taste like dessert to me but at 250 calories per bar is too heavy for a snack. (That's what Luna Bars are for!) I like to have it with fruit or a salad as a meal when I'm on the go.

I found this new (to me) flavor of greek yogurt at the store. It's strawberry! At first when I tasted it I thought that it tasted exactly like plain greek yogurt and actually thought it was defective. Then I realized that there was a rich layer of strawberry preserves at the bottom of the container! Loooove fruit-bottomed yogurts! You get little surprises of sweetness but still the tartness of plain yogurt. I don't think I can ever go back to normal yogurt now that I've discovered the magic that is greek.

Tomorrow is a work day, which means I finally get to relax! I love being in the office and working and it puts all the stress from school in perspective. I also had time this evening to plan tomorrow's meals out and am really excited to eat a real dinner!

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