Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thank God It's Monday!!!! (almost) What a crazy weekend it's been.

Here's a recap:

Started Saturday at 6am by going over a couple of cases accompanied by a big bowl of strawberries.

Then had a quick breakfast of toast w/ Almond Butter.

I buy the chunky kind which has lots of almond pieces in it.

Brought some snacks for the day and out the door at 7:50!

Class starts at 9am sharp. If you're late for 486R, you're charged $10 for the first minute and $5 for every additional minute you're late. All the students were required to submit a biography and a photo this summer in preparation for the class and mine was late by two hours. I was fined $50!!!

Class dove straight in to two cases and lunch wasn't until 1pm. There was no time for snacks so everyone was famished! Lunch was a footlong subway sub, mine was oven-roasted chicken breast on white bread (disappointed that the only other option was cheese bread) with no condiments. Had half of this baby for lunch.

After a short lunch break classes went all the way until 7. We were then assigned a negotiation case that was due at 11pm so our group got started on that right away. Dinner was the other half of the sub with carrot sticks.

We finished at 10:53pm and raced to hand it in on time. I managed to get home at 11:45pm and was in bed by 12.

This morning I woke up at 6 feeling really tired and like I barely slept. Made a big pot of coffee which I sipped on until breakfast which was a bowl of oatmeal topped with an overeasy egg.

I was skeptical of this combo at first, but the sweet+savory somehow worked really well. It was 1/4 cup oatmeal with 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 a banana. I poked the egg yolk and stirred it in with the oatmeal and it was really hearty!

Class started at 9am sharp again today and we went all the way until 12:30. We only had a 20 minute lunch break so I had the Chocolate Almond Fudge clif bar from Saturday along with the other 1/2 of this banana.


By the time class ended at 3:00pm I was feeling pretty worn out. While the 6+ cups of coffee I had kept me awake, I definitely crashed from the caffeine and was looking forward to going home and changing out of business formal and into some comfy pjs. When I got off the bus I saw an open house sign and one of my courses this semester (Real Estate Investment) requires us to go see an open house of a condo that would be realistic for a recent university grad to purchase and talk to the realtors. (and obtain a listing sheet as proof) Since most open houses are Sat/Suns and I have class every second weekend I thought that I might as well just get it over with. The realtors were really nice and I'm glad to have gotten that out of the way but by the time I left (around 4:00pm) I felt lightheaded and dizzy from hunger.

As soon as I got home I got dinner started!

Broccoli-carrot-beet salad is easy and comforting, just what I needed. I tossed it in a miracle whip-balsamic vinegar-honey mixture and added some raisins. Raisins really make any salad better! I also nuked a chicken sausage (protein) and topped it with dijon mustard.

Dessert was 1/3 of a huge Honeycrisp apple I packed on Saturday but didn't get a chance to eat.

Then I promptly fell asleep! Woke up an hour later feeling mentally better but still nauseous and managed to get some homework done. Chopped up more of that apple along with half a peach and topped it with some vanilla greek yogurt for a pre-bedtime snack.

Now I'm ready to hit the sack and get a good night's rest.

Tomorrow's agenda:

6am: Wakeup!
8am: Bus to school and stop by Staples to pick up some gadgets
9am - 12pm: Work on International Currency (377) homework
12pm - 3pm: Class
3pm - 7pm: Work on International Currency (377) Case Assignment
7pm - ???: Meet up with other 4 group members and try to complete the assignment. It's not due until Friday but I think we would all like to get it out of the way with midterms looming around the corner.

Good night!

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  1. Your weekend really is crazy! I'm sad to hear that you get headaches and nauseous =(. Props to eating healthily while on the go tho. Your subway sandwich looks good.. I haven't had subway in forever! Your egg looks REALLY over easy :P. Hope you fit in more sleep into your crazy sched!
    Your chicken sausage look heavenly btw.