Friday, October 1, 2010

Not hibernation ... but?

Sorry for the poor lighting! The sun doesn't want to wake up but I still need to ...

Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of cereal. 3/4 cup Kashi Honey Sunshine, 2/3 cup bran psylliums, a third of a chopped apple, and sliced strawberries with a splash of almond milk. Drizzle some sunflower butter on the apple pieces and we're open for business.

Another long day at school eased by a delicious lunch. Half a sunflower butter sandwich with a great salad combo!

Chopped apples, blueberry goat cheese, yellow bell peppers on top of salad mix. Toasted pecans were the highlight of this salad! I popped them in the microwave for a minute this morning and what a difference they made! No dressing necessary.

Nutty Sunflower Seed Butter on nutty flax bread. Mmmm.

I had the other half of my sandwich as an afternoon snack, followed with a lil' crunch in Kashi honey sesame.

During my lunch break I caroused by the weekly UBC farmer's market. Like most organic and locally produced produce, it was expensive! However, I couldn't pass up the delicious looking kale that was "picked fresh this morning!" and happily shelled over a toonie for 6 stalks. 3 of which went into dinner.

With a side of yam fries. I chopped up a medium sized yam into strips, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled on some cumin. Popped the fellas into the toaster oven for 25minutes, flipping once in the middle.

The kale was sauteed in some lite maple syrup. Catsup for a dipping sauce.

Dessert was a skinny cow fudgsicle dipped in chocolate PB. Decadence!

The next few days are going to be madness and I'm gearing up for my 'stressed' diet. My raw foodist journey taught me a lot about the way my body functions, and one of the things I picked up is that I think clearest on a low calorie diet for short periods of time. During the last exam season, I ate about 600 calories per day and ended up with the best results (grade-wise) to date. This isn't something that works for everyone, but it's tried and true for me. I think my body knew that it was going to be hungry for the next few days because after dinner I just kept on munching away! (You know it's mindless when it's not photographed)

3 strawberries dipped in chocolate PB.
1/2 a thin chocolate wafer.
1 handful of Kashi Honey Sunshine.
8 Mini Wheats.
5 Kashi Honey Sesames.
and an ice cube. (?!)

Was apparently what I needed to get through the next 3 days? My schedule for next week is already getting full and it's only Friday!


6:00am: wake-up, read cases
7:00am: get ready for class
8:30am: the glory that is 486R!!! all the way until ....
9:00pm: mystery social activity with the class?
12:00am: sleep (hopefully)


6:30am: wake-up, get ready for class
8:30am: more 486R fun
3:00pm: head home, nap (probably necessary)
5:00pm: work on case for 377 (foreign currency)
11:00pm: bedtime


6:00am: wake-up, jog?
8:00am: bus to school
9:00am: study for 498 midterm
12:00pm - 3:00pm: class
3:00pm - 7:00pm: read 486R cases/work on 377case
7:00pm: meet with group and HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* get case done
whenever: go home and crash


Work all day which means Tracy gets a break from school!!! :D

And to celebrate a month of blogging! I'm happy to say that I've lost 4 pounds since starting the blog! Taking pictures of my food really keeps me focused and aware of the choices I'm making so a big whooooo-hooo!!


  1. your schedule looks really crazy! honestly i think you are the most productive person i know.. congrats on losing 4 lbs healthily! I'm very proud of you. You really are an inspiratoin!! <3 Miss you lots tgu!

  2. Your yam fries look so good! I bought a yam and will probably try to make some, I don't have any cumin though. :(